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  1. 2 hours ago, katyallen8090 said:

    now that is a very pleasant thought thanks bgs   how is sis doing by bow  i hope shes better  abd jim ok!! are you and he going to adopt the little doggie?? You should lol   

    Sis is doing better and better.  That huge incision has finally healed so hopefully in 6 months she can have the ostomy reversed.  Everyone including home health has had to acknowledge that applying the ostomy bag requires 4 hands in order for it to stay on for more than a couple of hours.  She might get started back to pt for the new knee and still tires easily.

    Wesley the woodle will be moving soon.  Movers come a week from tomorrow and are adamant about no pets in house so neighbor asked dh if he would keep him for a few hours.  We are very sad to see him go.  Dredges up a lot of sadness about the barn cats we left behind, TC , Foxy, and Onery.   Neighbor and Wesley are moving about 400 miles away to live with her son.  Dont know how long unit will be empty.  Told dh maybe a Boston will move in.  

  2. Sounds like you are probably working in the round and the first round most likely consists of 6 sc.

    Next round you would place 2 sc in first sc of previous round, sc in next stitch, 2sc in next stitch, sc in next stitch, 2 sc in next stitch, sc in next stitch, join ch 1 (for a total of 9 sc made on this round)

    The next round you work 2 sc in first stitch of previous round, sc in next stitch, sc in next stitch----you repeat the 2 sc in next stitch, sc in next stitch , sc in next stitch sequence to end of round for a total of 12 sc in round.


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  3. Hot and humid here too.  Yesterday afternoon a pretty heavy thunderstorm blew thru.  Lots of fireworks in distance all around last couple of nights and I think they are letting them shoot them off tonight.  

    Wesley the woodle is moving.  Neighbor has decided to move in with her son.  She has been trying to decide what to do for past couple of years but after a fender bender and then a week later a couple of nights in the hospital she said its time.   We were just starting to get to know her.

    Got my painting done and submitted the photo as requested and got my airplant set up.  Painting was for the 4th and theme was the flag.  I found a painting tutorial for this one and muddled thru-----I cant paint or draw from my head but can sometimes copy.


  4. Hot and humid here.  We are on the edge of a thunderstorm right now.  Made a Menards run today as I needed a few things like filters for the air purifier and pulls for my dresser.  One decided to break.  They were only 52 years old.  Dont know why it couldnt have held out just a few more years when I wont need it anymore.  I went ahead and replaced them all.  New ones are much more user friendly especially for large old hands.  

    Buttons came yesterday and for 8 cents per button I am happy with them.  I can keep making ear savers.  Ordered some yarn.  Hadnt purchased any for over a year.  Niece wants some more mats for the glass part in her round kitchen table and of course I do not have the right colors.  Her birthday is in Aug.  This is the one I made for her a couple of years ago.


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  5. 28 minutes ago, ReniC said:

    Yes on the center being Hairpin Lace and the border being Broomstick lace. I came across the same link. I just love that yarn a ton.

    That yarn is gorgeous and looks so soft.  You jogged my memory on hairpin and broomstick lace. I have the things to do both.  Long long ago I made a hairpin lace shawl but thats it.  Never really came across anything I wanted to make but this afghan is so pretty combining that yarn with this technique.

  6. 4 hours ago, greyhoundgrandma said:

    Oooh that's pretty! I agree--I don't see any lavender in the retro. Do you think it's six different colors of whatever yarn it is rather than a striping yarn?

    That's a really interesting stitch pattern too. Do you know the name?

    I think it might be six different colors.  I found it on a Turkish site where they list several afghans and in some cases explain how to make them even though they are someone else's work and sometimes provides link to original pattern.  They say this is hairpin lace and show how to do it in a different color---most likely lifted instructions from other sites.  After looking it is hairpin lace on the main part I think the edging might be broomstick lace.  I found no mention of what this yarn is.  Looks like this afghan was sold on etsy but no longer available.

  7. 3 hours ago, ratdog said:

    Well, i just finished turning about 80 or so plastic bags into plarn. (Had to keep some plastic grocery bags to line the bathroom trash cans but, the kitchen closet is much cleaner now. 

    Actually Im surprised it was only about 80 or so bags it seemed like so many more stuffed into the closet


    Not sure what I am going to make with the plarn yet.

    Maybe some baskets.

    We started folding bags like this----amazing how much less space they take up.


  8. Sounds like you might need to do a swatch to figure out gauge in order to know how many chains you are going to need.  That generally needs to be done when making garments or something that has to be a a specific size.  Granny Square is great at explaining how that all works.  

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