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  1. Oh Lea I am so sorry. and prayers for you all. I used to carry one of those small brooms (kid size) to sweep snow off my car but I told people it was there so I had a ride if the car broke down. Days continue to be a blur. Leave here and head to other place and then back. The stops in between just change like Fri it was off to eye Dr., an hour wait at Menards to pick up our computer desk that we had been notified was in. (They could not find it but called today and said they found it). Better luck at Home Depot to pick up deck boxes. Today was dh's birthday and he wanted to go to dulcimer club so we did. We have been skipping lots of things to focus on moving. I treated him to lunch at a place he has been wanting to eat at. Then I did laundry while he put together deck boxes. Sis and niece came by and helped me set out my gnomes. There is a sticker bush by the patio door that stuck me every time I used that door so sis whacked half side of the bush back to the ground. It doesn't look so good now. I am sure it was cute when it was little. It needs to be either kept little or come out. dh wasn't too keen on us trimming it but I AM NOT GOING TO GET STUCK IN THE BUTT every time I use that door. Just heard an explosion. It shook house and rattled windows. Don't know if it was a very large caliber gun (sounded like a canon) or homemade fireworks. No sirens or calls for the fire dept on dh's pager so guess it's just these crazy people out here's idea of fun. It will be good to get away from that.
  2. Life is a blur. Sun after church niece came out and hauled off more of my rocks and concrete animals. Then we loaded up some trees and the shelf with lights, hauled them to the new place and set it up. Mon we stopped to check on the trees, went to dentist, dropped off concrete blocks at my niece's, stopped for lunch, stopped at bank, picked up groceries, stopped at other bank, then back to old place. Tues not as busy but when we aren't running back and forth we are packing. Wed took more things to thrift store and wouldn't you know it the screen on my phone messed up so stopped and bought another one----like I really had time to set it up and try to learn how to use it. It's bigger so my old cases I crocheted for my old phone don't fit so I set up until 3am to make one. Today continued packing and moved furniture in both bedrooms so movers could easily access it. We spent afternoon carrying 100+ boxes from attic to our metal building so they are ready for movers. Made a late evening run to new place with more things so working on setting up my phone. Glad I was able to get here and get logged in ok. Mary Jo that would have been a sight to see---bicycling witch. Not able to get my Halloween stuff out this year. I have Halloween flags out at both places and that is it.
  3. Cant believe its Fri again. Life is a blur and utter chaos. Buyout guy came out Tues. He explained how it works. Usually when people move they have to get everything cleaned out and fairly quick. His clients take what they want out of house then this guy comes in with his crew and cleans out the rest. He assigns positives amounts to things he can sell and negatives to things that are going to cost him to get rid of like hauling off trash or things to thrift store. Told him if he did that here I was going to wind up owing him a lot of money. He said when thats the case he does not charge seniors. I was very impressed with him as a person. He seems to have a big heart for helping out seniors and vets often at his own expense. He talked to me to see where I am emotionally about the move and having to get rid of things. Told him I try to think of all those that lost everything in hurricanes, fires, and floods. I get to chose what to keep. Before coming to our place he had gone to the dump, was there when it opened to retrieve some things for a 80+ year old woman that started obsessing over sewing patterns and fabric that she did not have put on moving truck. He said he knew she needed those to get closure and be at peace in making the move to FL. Movers coming out 22nd sooo we have lots to do to be ready and unfortunately we have eye and dental appointments next week.
  4. Mary Jo on way back this afternoon highway was shutdown to land a life flight. We were able to turn around, back track a bit and come in I 70. On our way we passed a house that had two huge signs on its side. Dh said I needed to contact our pastor and another guy from church to organize a paint party because one sign said GOAT- Tom Brady and the other said Patriots. Been going thru lots of stuff and threw away my Ed Podalak picture with autograph and Ed Budde autograph. They were given to me so dont know how authentic they were. Found my MC D game cards with Joe Montana as a Chief. Its wouldnt be so bad but we both have dental and eye appointments next week. May have to pull some all nighters. At least this seems to finally be motivating dh to packing.
  5. Mary Jo MaHomes says he is ok but they flashed his picture up with like 10 others on injured list. I wish they would get him a much better front line. Movers will be here Oct 22.
  6. So cute. I want to learn to knit.
  7. Kathy he had some heartbreaking stories about situations some of his elderly clients were in and I was amazed at the extra things he did to help them out. Things he did not in any way have to do and things that cost him out of his pocket. He just seems to have a big heart and very sensitive of his clients feelings. I felt so much better after talking with him.
  8. I am having long periods of time at old place with no signal so cant check in. Usually too busy at new place or like today I went off and forgot my phone. Mary Jo today we called the work order line and and told them we were new and didnt know if we needed to call them about switching over from ac to heat. I couldnt tell by looking at the thermostat and dont have a book for it. A guy came out and flipped down a door on bottom half of thermostat and then it was obvious. We didnt know it opened like that. Furnace filter was really dirty so he changed that. On the way out the door he said he really liked our tv stand. Its a portable workbench/scaffold. Krys I really liked the buyout guy as a person. Normally people have to move out pretty quick and have to clean everything out of the house. You get what you want out and then his crew removes everything else. He looks around and assigns positive and negative values to whats left. Positive if he can sell it. Negative if its going to cost him to haul it off-----like trash or things to the thrift store. I told him if he did that here I was going to owe him a lot of money. He said in that case he did not make seniors pay him. With our situation we can leave the negative behind. He is going to come out and we are going to go thru my glass in the attic. I showed him the photos I had of it on my shelves before moving out here. He was concerned about my emotional state. I cry a lot. I told him I think about the people that have lost everything in hurricanes, floods, and fires. I get a choice in what to keep. He told us about some jobs he has done and there will be a very special place in heaven for him. He had been to the dump that morning to retrieve a box of sewing patterns and some other boxes so that an 80+ year old woman could come to terms with her move to Jacksonville FL. The lady had her stuff loaded on the moving truck. The buyout crew cleaned out the rest. Then later she freaked out over her patterns. He went and found them so she could be at peace. Dh picked green tomatoes this morning as it might get down to freezing the next few days. Might even be a flake. Looked like Katie would be getting a few flakes.
  9. Definitely not at new place in new recliner. Life is chaotic and a blur topped off with long periods of absolutely no signal at old place. Appointment with buyout guy in the morning to get a feel for how that works. We have a lot to sort thru. Need to mow. Need to go purchase a couple of deck boxes so we can store bonsai supplies on the patio. Its getting cold and will have to bring trees in here and take them to the new place. Need to call maintenance to see if they routinely change from ac to furnace or if we call in work order. Need to... Need to....And I do need to find a recliner. For now if I dont want to sit in kitchen chairs I use three large cushions and sit in floor. I am so very tired.
  10. Mary Jo we left the car at the fire station so they can use it for extrication training in about a week. Its made a lot of trips to the fire station. After they are thru they will have it hauled to a salvage yard and send us a check. It was harder to leave it than I thought it would be. Dh got that car in April before we got married in Sept. We took it to CO on our honeymoon. Its getting pretty rusty. The headliner is hanging down. Dh said something was going on with it and he was afraid to take it out for fear it would break down. Lea my thoughts were glad you didnt have to go to the bathroom.
  11. Thank you for the photos. Halloween is my favorite holiday.
  12. Mary Jo I would be upset too because on the things you made it would take me a very long time to pick out patterns, decide and then find the colors so the sets would coordinate. I guess about all one can do is tell yourself it went to a good cause. It has been miserably hot and humid but woke up this morning with temps in the 50's. I am afraid we are going to go directly from summer into winter. Staying at old place today to pack and go thru more things. Dh plans on dropping off his 22 year old car just shy of 500,000 miles at the fire station today so that will be a big thing gone.
  13. Mary Jo when sis and I were living together dad gave us his older kitchenaid when he got a bigger model. I dont think sis really wanted it but I did. She grumbled that it was so heavy and took up too much room but when I moved out she would not let me take it. If you make cookies or bread it is a must. (I cant imagine mixing those by hand anymore.) If not they take up counterspace and are so heavy you dont want to lift them in and out of a cabinet. Were these the baskets you made a year ago and then they did not do the sale because of different person in charge or was that another thing? Yesterday we hauled more pavers to my niece, hauled a lot of things to the thrift store, and had several big bags of trash ready to go. Dh had an appointment to get suv serviced this morning. The garage is less than 5 minutes from new place so we unloaded things and he went on over while I am doing laundry at new place. Will have lunch at the grill here-----gotta use that dining credit.
  14. Katy KitchenAid is the brand of my stand mixer. Its a very heavy duty mixing machine. Dh got it for me our first Christmas 22 years ago and if I averaged it out it has been used at least once a week all those years. I have made a lot of cookies, dinner rolls, and cakes with it. I have the grinder attachment that I use to make cranberry salad and the shredder attachment that I use to make slaw. There are times I wish I had a second bowl like when making pumpkin pie and I have to whip egg whites to add in.
  15. Marisa glad dh found a job right away. Sounds like you were very busy this weekend. My days are pretty much the same right now. Load up the suv and take the stuff somewhere and run errands along the way. They just blur together. Sat sis helped me reposition shelving and helped me figure out where to put things. It wears me out running up and down the road that many days in a row let alone all the loading and unloading. Its a 60 mile round trip from old place to new place. Today we decided to not make a run with a load anywhere. Needed to run to nearby town to get car title from safety deposit box. Dh's 22 year old car with nearly 500,000 miles is going to be used for extrication practice by fire dept and then hauled off for scrap. Its been a good old car and passed inspection in April. Would have given it to a friend of my sister that needs a car but not many people can drive a stick.
  16. Quick check in while at new place with both good signal and wifi. No signal at old place last few days. Sis met us here yesterday and helped me reposition kitchen shelves and figure out where to put things. I ran a load of wash. Its a big adjustment going from my huge tub washer to this one that looks about the size of a 5 gal bucket and half that space taken up with the agitator. At least the dryer works well. My old dryer not so much. Seems like I am busy whole time I am here but dh is finding time to go on walks or watch tv soooo he is being assigned to fold clothes, wash the dishes, clean the floor and last night he cooked some frozen fried rice and general tso's chicken with minimal instruction. Brought my kitchenade up today. Mary Jo I listened to bits of the game and saw a few minutes. It was a nail biter. Well my back aches, I am hungry and Iam not cooking (he is watching the news).
  17. Yesterday when we got to the new place the guy was just finishing installing the emergency system and the phone line was on. I set up the new answering machine and phones but have to keep looking things up in the book. Today when we pulled up the groundskeepers were putting in fresh mulch. The roses were gone and little gravel in. There was squirrel damage on the screened in patio so dh called in a work order yesterday. A guy showed up shortly and filled it in with putty. The painter was there today to paint it. Then the guy came today and has our tv and computer set up and connected. After that we purchased a couple of file cabinets and hauled them back. Yesterday friends that we hadnt seen for a few years came by the new place as they are at a nearby campground. They moved to NC. from here 17 years ago because of his job. Sis is going meet us there tomorrow and help me adjust the kitchen shelves so I can start filling them.
  18. Well Krys your scenario is how it usually works but no we are not moved yet. Our contract stipulated that we had full use of property house and outbuildings for 90 days after close so in the eyes of insurance company we are now renters just not paying rent. This is a very very radical downsize and dh's plan is to see what works and fits into the new place. Then get rid of the rest. I have measured and tried to formulate a plan. I to started getting rid of the easy stuff. I tried to get the stuff that my niece wanted hauled out to her. I actually started weeding out easy stuff and stopped buying things that I wanted a few years ago. It just wasnt nearly enough. Dh pretty much stuck to his routine and still just plods along at a turtles pace. He was supposed to bring my Vitamix box down from the attic several days ago. Today I started to go get it and he insisted on getting it but asked 20 times what box is it just seconds apart and then couldnt see it. I finally went up to the attic and went straight to it. Like I have been saying he has told me I could bring 3x what will fit like he has no spatial concept what so ever. I have had to pack the suv while he plods along with his regular morning routine. I am the one that has to take care of taking apart and setting up all electronic stuff. I got our new phone system set up yesterday and today they set up our internet and tv service. The guy was great. Tv is new and he set it all up for us. Its so nice now I can call for help with electronics. After he left we went and bought a couple of file cabinets.
  19. Yesterday we got back earlier than we have most days. Phone rang and it was a friend that I have known for 45 years. I worked with her back then and went to things with her and her husband. We sort of lost touch for awhile----they got busy having and raising their daughter. Then they came back into my life 26 years ago----she was hired in the lab where I was working the day my mom passed away. I had left work when I got the call to go to the hospital to be with my dad so I wasnt there when she came in for her interview. We started doing things again until they had to move to NC 17 years ago because of his job. Sometimes when they make it back to KC they have time to work in a visit with us but it had been a few years. They had this afternoon free and were staying at a campground very close to the new place so we invited them to meet us there. It was a nice visit.
  20. Krys I think with all the expense and hassle you did the right thing on your pool. I used to dream about having a pool but because of expense, work, and hassle it remained a dream. Then here in the midwest where you can only use it 3 maybe 4 months it just didnt seem worth it unless you enclosed it. Through the years I had memberships at a local pool, the Y, and Bally Fitness center. I can see why you miss it. It was beautiful.
  21. Dh took his golf clubs to the new place today. We are on the 5th hole of a 9 hole course. Also took most of clothes from closet. I put the big things in and then I grab anything in the house that I know is going that will fit in the space that is left. Today we unboxed the tv and put the feet on it and set it up on a portable work bench. I took my printer, docking station, keyboard and mouse up there and rehooked everything back up using an old stereo cabinet. Sat I realized that our old computer desk just is not going to work. I found one that is much smaller and has doors on the front so you can close it. Computer hook up is in living room so I like you can close the doors. I think we are going to run by Menards and order it tomorrow.
  22. Collette that was the head grounds keeper. The guy that will oversee the work came too. Its weird. Everyone here seems happy to do things for you. I find myself apologizing and saying I dont want to be a bother but the marketing lady told me to call about..... The maintenance guy said dont feel that way and call anytime we need them to do something. They are here to do for us and if we werent here calling they would not have jobs. Today we brought more things up. Dh brought his golf clubs and some balls. We are on the 5th hole of a 9 hole course. I brought up clothes. I love going back and sitting in the closet. Today I brought my docking station, printer, keyboard and mouse and hooked it all up. I put the cords on the new phone and dh put the feet on the new tv. They will be here Fri afternoon to set up phone internet and tv. Its also fabulous just having all the bars lit up on my cell as opposed to one or none but after Fri will have Wi-Fi.
  23. I have my filters set up so when I get to home page I select an icon and it brings up new posts since my last visit, newest ones first, and then when I go to one it starts with the first new comment. I had to have Amy help me back when I did it. I did not realize that in order to save my selections I had to set it up as a new activity stream. That was a couple of software upgrades back so it may be different now. I was relieved each time my settings carried over.
  24. Sat we took another load to the new place. Sis came by and we went to get a new phone and tv. She also helped me figure out furniture placement ----like our old computer desk that I was going to take is just too big to fit where it needs to go. Got back to old home at midnight. Took more things up Sun and again today. Today we had an appointment with head of grounds/landscaping. I had my hand clippers and reached down and asked if I could clip a branch off a bush sticking out in our sidewalk. He said yes. Then I asked if it was ok to pick up the sticks laying in yard. He said yes. Then I held up the branch and sticks and asked what was I supposed to do with them when I do. He said leave it along the curb, call in a work order, and they pick it up. I told him we have bonsai and would like to keep some and they need to be outside in the summer. Did he have any ideas or suggestions? Told him what I had left took up about the space where the rose bushes were but not that I was asking for any bushes to be removed. He said they would remove the roses, put in little landscape gravel, and a rock border and put in new mulch in other places. I said I didnt want to be a problem and hated for them to pull the roses. He was glad to jave a reason to remove the roses and said roses are not doing well and have been a pain because of a disease they are getting and the Japanese beetles. To be honest when I stopped and looked at things this summer I kept thinking why did I wind up with the ugliest roses around there. If I want new mulch call in a work order and I can spread it if I want. I am so tired I can hardly think so I will probably nod off soon.
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