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  1. Go Chris Go! Denise I do a lot of thinking and dreaming about projects before they happen. Still have lots of boxes to sort thru and thin out but I think we have (dare I say) all (because there is bound to be something we forgot) moving/change of address type things taken care of. FINALLY finding time for me to try out the pool. Dh got scooped up immediately for bowling league, practices with dulcimer group here, attends one of the classes, plays cards, and when its nice hits a few golf balls. Had a great time at Super Bowl party they had here and it was even better that our guys won. Mardi gras dinner next Tues. Wed a group called Victory Belles are performing here. Last Tues evening our favorite place to eat was open for pop up dinner and live entertainment. I also learned my time spent working on prayer shawls for the chaplains to hand out to residents from here counts as volunteer hours. Then heard there is a special dinner coming up for volunteers. Meeting lots of people and trying to learn so many names. I did shuffle boxes in my closet and finally moved my doll clothes patterns so I can get to them. So far only working on mini stockings. That's about all the attention span I can muster.
  2. Except it wasnt easy at all! Old time auctions are becoming a thing of the past. More and more only do them online and want you to haul it to them.
  3. Krys there are several options but you do not buy/own your unit. You can just rent---- all utilities are covered except for landline, internet, and cell. You have to have landline because its necessary the way the emergency system works. I think in the newer places they are switching over to systems that work without the landline. I think some of the newer contracts you are not required to have a landline. They have a contract with CCI which provides phone, internet and cable tv for a discounted rate. They set you all up. I did not have to call anyone to set any of that up and guy came out set up my computer and tv. Phone service is unlimited nation wide long distance and includes a cable tv plan (no box) for half of what my phone service at old place cost me. Out there I used a pre paid calling card for long distance and was on antenna tv. We had a metropolitan calling plan so we could call greater KC area and people there could call us and not pay long distance. Basic there was worthless for us as we never called anyone that was considered local. You dont get to choose your cable provider but its a non issue for us. Just renters also have dining credit, have full access to pool, gym, dial a ride etc. Everything is fine and dandy as long as you have the money to pay your rent. Buy in or home for life you put a large sum of money down---- about what most peoples houses are worth but in our case it was more but that depends on how much square foot of living space you are getting here plus you pay a monthly fee/ rent but it is less per month than just renting. Part of large sum and monthly goes towards long term health insurance. You get a form from them at end of year to use for taxes. There are different contracts depending on if you want money back for your heirs or not and if the time comes whether you want billed 25% or 50% off standard rate for services such as driving me places because its not where the free transportation goes and long term health care. I am glad that we made an appointment with the tax service that rents their office from this place to make sure we were going to be ok at tax time with all we were doing. That guy had a large notebook full of papers as to the amounts that were tax deductible last year. It depends on the type of contract people had. Other tax offices would not have had those. In fact at last Town Hall one man got up and said make sure your tax person understands that this is a continuing care facility and that they understand the tax implications in the letter. He said his were done wrong last year and had to be redone. You are still going to need your own health insurance/Medicare. There is a big event coming up that goes over all kinds of medical stuff we hope to attend. I know this place has visiting nurse agency and hospice. They also work off campus. If you need injections, stitches removed, blood pressure checks, surgical dressings changed you can go to their office at the designated times and they will do it at no charge. We sort of look at that buy in fee like buying into a cooperative. We no longer have to pay to replace the roof, replace water lines and sewer lines inside and out, the ac, furnace, stove, refrigerator, paint the house etc. In 8 years we can have fresh paint and new floors. They will shampoo carpet annually. We will have a roof over our heads and enough food to survive no matter if medical bills take our last penny. I couldnt say that before. Thats huge peace of mind. Buy in people get priority placement in assisted living and nursing home. If need be we will both be in same one unlike some couples where one winds up in one place and the other winds up across town. Nursing home here is as good as any and better than most. They do very well on their accreditations. My mom was assistant director of nursing there when she passed away and stepmom had rehab there for knee replacement some years ago. Everyone's monthly goes up annually in April. There is a % limit but we hear its usually between 3 and 5%. That part scares me a lot but they scrutinized our finances and accepted us so who am I to argue. They would not have let us move in if they really felt we were not going to be able to afford it. We looked at a couple of other continuing care facilities. Buy in was actually higher and not near as many amenities. Do you ever play the what would I do if I won the lottery? For 30 years I said if I won the lottery I would move here and at that time I would have had to wait 15 years to meet age requirement.
  4. Chris I can relate to the irony of your story. I loved the water as a kid. Looked forward to parents vacation time each year as would be only time I would get to go swimming.(I still remember the summer we did not get to go swimming because youngest sister had an ear infection.) It was in spring fed Ozark creeks so water was always cool. When I got older we had a membership to the local outdoor pool for a few seasons but it was not close enough to walk to and neither were the YM/YWCAs. Years later they built a Y just a couple of blocks away from the house where I grew up and just around the corner from the next house I lived at.
  5. Well Lyn we got our weekly snow---just a light dusting this time.
  6. Chris you are on a roll! Love the brights on the sunset dress and like how you worked the Lulu dress out.
  7. Mona I had a membership to a gym with a beautiful Olympic sized pool. Got married and moved out to rural area where most everything was an hour away. I do the bicycle one too.
  8. Lea she's beautiful just like her aunt! Shoot its better for any kid to play hard so you can get them to bed early enough to finish doing what you need to do. It was good to not have today filled with things. Just over to lunch and then back again for supper and entertainment which I really enjoyed. We took advantage of our free time this afternoon to break up with AOL as our ISP. Fingers crossed they get it right so we dont lose that email address but since we seldom use it anymore it would be no great loss. I think that was the last thing we needed to take care of in regards to moving---- key word think as there is probably something we did not think of.
  9. Chris when I married and moved out in country it just killed me to no longer be able to go to the pool. It was very detrimental to my health and mental well being. I swim a few laps, walk, etc but mostly spend my hour holding my board and kicking to propel myself back and forth. Not as easy as it looks. I find it very cathartic and its working those big leg muscles. I could sign up for water aerobics but so far I just watch and then incorporate some of it into what I do. My goal is to just stay in motion for at least an hour. Way back when I could walk 6 miles, bike 12 but the pool was where I was happy. I got addicted to it and pretty much went every day it was open.
  10. Mona I love the pool at the aqua center. If I actually lived in the apartments that the pool is in I would for sure be in it every day. Long ago I used to go the pool at a fitness center daily and kickboard /just keep moving for an hour. I love being in the water so its not exercise. Its fun. I loathe gym equipment and exercises like squats. Hope you get that $1000 negotiated up a whole lot more.
  11. Judy I have an exceptionally difficult time with the really small hats for NICU. I made some once for a fellow 'viller's charity project. I prefer making hats on the knifty knitter looms but you have to use chunky yarn or two strands. I really should just learn to knit. Looking forward to your ghans as I need some motivation. Guess you are looking forward to start of baseball season as is my dh. Always hopeful this time of year and Royals have new owner and manager so we will see if they do something about getting some good pitchers. It did make it to 60° yesterday but its cold today. Darn if they arent blabbering about snow again----Thurs. It was so good not having any appointments, classes, etc scheduled today. Just go over for lunch and then back over this evening for supper and live music. We spent afternoon breaking up with aol (dial-up service as it was due to renew early March). We think that is the last moving related thing needing to be done----until something comes up we didnt think of comes along. I went to the pool Sat and Sun afternoon and am feeling it. Hope to get a routine going there.
  12. Mary Jo I dont know a lot about assisted living here yet. I do know my niece and nephew's grandma was moved here from another facility so I should be able to get the inside scoop. Ran into her once and been meaning to go visit. Its farthest away from us and we have been busy with getting things transferred so we havent wandered thru the area very much. They just opened up a new wing and its almost full. I know independent living residents volunteer there. One of the things they do is escort them to eat, to hair salon, and to activities and help with activities. I saw the months list when we were walking thru and thought wow looked like some fun stuff. For instance assisted living is having a craft show (not a sale) to show off things residents have made. They play games and have little parties, book club. I did see they had a sunroom type area where they could sit and saw a room with puzzles and games. I think the chair yoga classes are in that building. Another thing here the employees are called associates and so far feel more like friends. At first we were constantly apologizing when we called maintenance over or asking so many questions at the dining places. They kept telling us not to apologize. They wouldnt be here if it wasnt for us. It might feel different in the care center and assisted living. They have been dealing with a serious RN shortage but looks like they may have solved that one by working with a group to bring in nurses from the Philippines. They have a code of ethics in the contract you sign. It feels like everyone seems to know the CEO and he feels. very approachable. He approached us and started up a conversation early on. Thats when I found out he worked with my mom and thought a lot of her. He attends various functions and we see him eating on campus and greeting residents. They have meetings for residents over the financial status of the place. They have a foundation that raises money and has helped out with purchasing ambulances, gym equipment, and this year it will be for a new transportation van or two. It is also where the money comes from if residents that bought the home for life option somehow run out of money. Still a lot to learn.
  13. bgs

    Chihuahus Pups

    Very cute Mary Jo! Looks like they also have a BT. I have a book somewheres with dog patterns. Its in Japanese but has the charts.
  14. Krys come along too. They had a dj one night. I didnt make it over to check it out but heard people had a good time dancing. They also play a lot of cards and bingo. Mary Jo I think being a not for profit and being run more like a coop makes it different from a lot of places. We dont have a corporation in LA or New York calling the shots. Since it is a not for profit the volunteer hours are very important as far as the state. The thift store and gift shops are run by volunteers. The thrift store also has a food pantry for residents that need help. Gift shop also has milk, bread, cereal, etc. in case someone cant get to a store. There is an ice cream parlor in care center run by volunteers. They use volunteers to pass water and wheel people to cafeterias and salons---theres at least 2 hair salons. Time spent making prayer shawls count as volunteer hours. They also have ceramics, different painting groups, coloring group, scrapbooking-----lots of things I havent had time to check into. They have their own ambulances and security. Dh went to his class this morning. We worked on laundry and cleaning house----apartments looking better and better as they come with a cleaning lady and flat laundry service. Lunch at our favorite place and then off to grocery store. Dh spent rest of afternoon on golf course (60° here today) while I put away groceries and finished laundry. Darn had to cook supper tonight!
  15. Lea come on up! I have heard at some of the promotional events (so dont know how true it is) that there is not another place like this one. It is a not for profit and 3 residents sit on the board. There is a resident general counsel made up of district reps. There are 5 districts that are made up of neighborhood groups. This is all in regards to this place and not city or county. Thurs was frigid. Today a very light jacket will do. Thurs my friend that lives nearby picked us up and we went to our friend's mother's funeral. It was the first Jewish one we had attended. Since my friend drove we treated her to lunch. Got back in time to attend Town Hall meeting with our area manager. They go over how many units are full and number of residents, upcoming events, and any issues they need to go over. They always have refreshments. It was one of the special nights when our favorite place was serving supper so we ate supper there. They had noticed us missing the couple of days in a row we missed for lunch. Fri they had a special Valentine-- lunch pork with an apricot glaze or beef wellington, comes with choice of 2 sides, roll or cornbread ( the sweet kind so for me its cake) and a drink. For Valentine's day they threw in a cookie extra. After lunch dh went to practice with dulcimer group here at the village and I worked on bills and laundry then dh took me to Perkins for Valentine's day. Sat morning was dulcimer club. I went to the pool in the afternoon and then stopped at one of the restaurants for supper (end of cycle and need to use up that dining credit). This morning we went to church. After lunch I got to go to the pool again. I want to start going every day.
  16. Mona it was a cold day here too. Warmed up to 13°. Yesterday it was hovering at 32° and snowed all day. In a couple of days they are saying it will be 60°. Sorry for the insurance mess----so frustrating. I relate to the hat thing. I dont like making hats because it seems like I always have to adjust them.
  17. bgs

    Timmy Turtle

    Turned out really cute.
  18. Mary Jo it was great being in the pool and looking out at the snow. I am now starting to see advantages to living in some of the apartments in the complex but that one is the newest one and I believe cost quite a bit more than our duplex. Maybe you will get Brady to add to the collection of old QB's although I was saying last year we will lose Mahomes and wind up with Brady (shakes head remembering our Joe Montana seasons) Krys winter is worse in your area than here. Seems like stuff starts forming here and whooshes your way getting worse as it goes. Sometimes we luck out and it forms just missing us. I dont like hot and humid either----makes me feel like I am going to keel over. We got up to 13° today. They are showing 60° for Mon.
  19. This was my view from the pool. A friend of dh's was going to come by and we were going to go off campus for lunch but rescheduled due to snow. We decided to dial a ride and go to a different restaurant on campus from our regular one. Then called dial a ride to go to pool. Streets were actually better than sidewalks. It was a slushy snow with temp hovering at 32°. 8° in morning with -18° wind chill. Going to a funeral for a friends mother. My friend that lives nearby is picking us up.
  20. All this talk of pie makes me want a hot piece with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I only like two kinds of pie ------hot and cold. Ratdog I love all your themed ears. Thank you for the shots of you and dh with the Disney celebrities. Looks like you had a great time. I tell people I pretty much only watch Disney and John Wayne movies and John doesnt make many anymore. Little Mermaid was an instant favorite as was Beauty and the Beast. This morning we got our vehicles registered with this county for taxes. We lucked out and got it done within an hour. The line was very long when we left and I have heard you can easily be in line for 2 or more hours. Then this afternoon we attended the required initial training and paperwork for volunteering here. Dh had visited the woodworking shop and they told him we needed to go to this. He thought it would be about safety stuff and signing waivers but it was about HIPAA, filling out paperwork for background checks because volunteers work in Care Center and assisted living. As it turns out making prayer shawls is a volunteer activity and they keep track of volunteer hours. The "volunteers" at the woodworking shop make toys that are given to groups that hand out to underprivileged kids at Christmas. As it turned out a new part time chaplain was in attendance so when I had to introduce myself and said I had completed a prayer shawl I brought up how the ladies were very concerned they were no longer being handed out. The lady in charge of volunteers seemed surprised and talked like she would be addressing the issue. Now for the kicker dh registered and then told me we were registered but they didnt have me down. It wasnt a problem except he got his volunteer name tag and I am the one that has already logged in volunteer hours and have to wait for mine. Some single digit mornings coming up along with rain/ freezing rain/snow again tomorrow.
  21. bgs

    Baby whale

    Wow! She did an awesome job. We are proud of her too. Cant believe your baby girl is going to be 9.
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