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  1. It seems to be 2 increases for each increasing row only.
  2. The lady who designed it was Shelle. She did have an esty shop but I haven't seen her name here in awhile. The pattern was called A Whisper of Elegance. It was lacy and the collar was made in the pineapple stitch. Hope someone can help you. edited to add Shelle's site. You can scroll down and find the coat I think you are looking for. http://crochetcabin.bravehost.com
  3. philosgal there was a crochet a long for this jacket and any help needed. Try here. http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=33917&highlight=circle+jacket
  4. and from another Nova Scotian. This is the best place to get any help and information you need.
  5. Finish off the WS row. The next row you do will be a RS row for the pattern.
  6. Happy New Year to all Crochetville family. I WILL finish what I started last year. Need to make 2 baby layettes for boys. One baby is already here. Crochet more gifts for next Christmas. Get more organized at work. Finish unpacking boxes so I can organize my house. Moved end of August. lol Crochet for hats, scarves and mittens for charity.
  7. Hope this helps. Shows how to join knitting. This would work with any join for all your projects done on circular needles. Dianne
  9. I need to my 5 yr old gs one. He takes my robe and turns it backwards to make his snuggie.lol
  10. Yes it will. It will be the opening for the sleeve. With the loop and shells skipped that will be the sleeve opening. When you get a couple of rows done you can check to see if the opening is the right size for your arm.
  11. On the yoke part you are going to start for the sleeves. You do your shells to the 1st corner then you do your ch 1, fsc 7. Keeping going on the yoke by skipping the next 5 shells and in the 6th shell (corner shell) you continue to do your shells for the pattern. Hope this helps.
  12. I do have this book. They did forget the comma. lol I made the green and white set years ago. Back then I didn't have a camera to take pictures.
  13. The decrease is not in 3 sts, only 2 for this pattern. Then it says to hdc in the next 3 stitches.
  14. From what I can understand it is telling you to hdc in the next 2 sts, then do a decrease in the next sts, then hdc in the next 3 sts. You do hdc in next 2 sts, (dec. in next 2 sts, hdc in 3 sts) for 4 more times. Try this to see if it works.
  15. Hi tryptikangel, Row 99 of your shawl is the last row. You turn your work ch 1 and sc in each sc along this row, then continue on down the side, across the starting row of your shawl and along the last side.
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