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  1. My sister designed a shopping bag and said that I could share the link here with you. Her email is at the link if you have problems. www.xanga.com/Bratsis2
  2. I LOVE red but hate to crochet with it if I have to starch it. *sigh* If I am lucky enough to crochet with red and the red is my FIRST color, I stop the crocheting at that point and set the color in hot salted water. Then I let it completely dry and carry on. If I do something where it's red and white, red and white, I use only spray starch because otherwise it will ALWAYS bleed. But dayum... that red, it looks so good!
  3. Funny you should mention... I have a sister who makes lovely wearables in crochet. Wearables have NEVER interested me. NOT EVER. [but she keeps trying to make me 'make something to wear for SOMEONE.] I LOVE LOVE LOVE making doilies. That's all I want to make. EVER. I have a friend who knits. She only makes scarves and hats. You know, if YOU are happy, then you GO, girlfriend. Because that is what it is all about. Just keep on being happy.
  4. I am pretty sure I bookmarked a pattern and you have no idea how embarrassed I am that I cannot locate it now. A dear friend just moved into a new house and brought me over some old sheets she would love to have made into a heart shaped rug for in front of their jacuzzi tub [yeah, could you just DIE from jealousy?] If someone could help me out, I would appreciate it to no end. Thank you.
  5. When I was a beginner, I always goofed up when turning. My stuff either got smaller or larger. I'd be willing to bet it's a mistake in your turning.
  6. You should be very proud... that's a lot of clustering! :cheer And it turned out beautiful! [Yeah, Darski is pretty awesome. ]
  7. It looks great! I don't think you need any help with technique.
  8. Thank you! That's good info!
  9. That's wonderful!!!! :cheer
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