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    Self-taught crocheter, gramma of 2, thread freak
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    Central Indiana
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    Computers, Crochet, Cats
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    Jill of all trades
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  1. This may be one reason I mainly work with thread... Last year my sister send me a one pound skein of yarn to make a hooded blanket [to send to a niece]. I could not find that center to save my life. I ended up crocheting it with the outside thread, and let me tell you, it made my life a living h*e* double hockey sticks. [Crochet a couple stitches, PULL, crochet a couple stitches, PULL.... argggghhhh. And I had it in a huge bowl, too. Didn't help at all.] Yeah, just one more thing we put up with for the love of our craft. :lol
  2. I'm such a klutz with my left hand it's a miracle I could even figure out how to hold the crochet thread or yarn! LOL!
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