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  1. BrendaSt

    Making your own charts

    I use Filet Crochet by Sand Castle Designs, Inc. I've also adapted various cross stitch programs to work out my afghan charts in color. My favorite is Pattern Maker.
  2. BrendaSt

    The worst Friday 13th

    My best to you and hubby! I hope your weekend gets better and that his treatment goes smoothly and has the best possible outcome.
  3. BrendaSt

    Red Heart yarn--rant & rave

    Coats & Clark announced a couple of years ago that the supplier they used for many years for their acrylic fibers filed bankruptcy. Apparently, the fibers we all knew and loved are no longer being manufactured, and Coats was forced to seek out another supplier. (Note: Several major fiber suppliers filed bankruptcy about the same time, so their choices became limited.) If someone knows more about this than I do, please correct me if I am wrong.