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    Wife and mother of two kids, a boy 10 years old and a baby girl 9mo
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  1. Wow, really beautiful! Me encanta a pesar de que no soy muy amante del tejido en el baño. What kind of yarn or thread did you used? Ah, cuanto tiempo te tomo realizarlo?
  2. Finally I found! http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=65702
  3. I´m looking for mas vest pattern. I want to make to my husband, an easy vest. Thanks.
  4. Hi, I have the same question. I am already brougth the Floppy Friends and do not make anything yet. Your beautiful bunny inspire me.
  5. Finally, I found the most beautiful doll. I do not save the pattern nither the site when I saw (2007), and i want to make one to my daugther. I feel very happy the search have positive results.:cheer:clap:yay:cheer:jumpyay:woo:day
  6. Beautiful, beautiful! I would love to buy this pattern. Wow, I want to make to my baby dd. I hope you can write soon. Thank you. Bye, Linda
  7. Thanks, for the comments! I do not used a pattern. I used thread, the color red is DMC #10 and the orange is Omega tread #20. The yoke I made little sizes of thread join, to make the mix colors. And for the skirt only used V stitch, 2dc, 2ch, 2dc. Ah, the border was a DMC #10 in fuschia, a shell in each v- stitch, I think so!! Linda
  8. Thank you. I appreciate and love the links.
  9. Hi, I´m looking a Santa Baby Set for a baby 6mo. years old present, and to make one to my baby girl 1.6 years old. Maybe a sweater and a hat. Thank you.
  10. Very Super Duper Idea, I like a LOT!!!!
  11. Oooooohhhh!! Thank you. I am not expert with yarn. Good idea!! Maybe i can do the same. I want to see your work when you put some pics. Linda
  12. Hi. I love this tote too. I saw when i did went to NY, last month. And copy the pattern. This will be my first CAL. I am so excited!!! I don't know yet which color i will use. I have to finish some projects first, but i really want to join and have fun with you. Can i use a ww yarn? Linda
  13. Hello. I am very excited because this week I will travel to NY, with my family and of course go the yarns stores. I have Smileys Yarn Stores in schedule, but have anothers stores. We want to go Times Square, Yankees Stadium, Manhattan, Brox Zoo, etc. I don't know if really is a good idea to go to this others stores, because we want to make the most better use of the time. If they have sales at these time. The stores are: The Yarn Girl Roxy Yarn Lexter Fabrics Stitch Therapy The Yarn Tree I am very thankfull of any help from you.
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