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    Wife, mother of 2 sons, grandma to 2 grand-daughters. I have a very large family:)
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    Crocheting and Irises
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    Since 1971
  1. I would be interested:) I thought I had sent you a message but is not showing in my sent folder. So if you still have it available please send me an email:) Thanks
  2. I started testing a project for a friend and thought I would have enough but the pattern is dense and is taking more than I thought so I am looking for 2-3 of the Jade Luster Sheen and maybe 1-2 of the Vanilla Luster Sheen. I can buy or trade for whatever as I have quite a bit of yarn/thread and a whole ton of patterns and books:) Thanks for looking and hope someone has some they can do without. You can email me or send a pm. Yvette found an outlet for purchase
  3. Adorable boots-booties! Great job:) And headband, missed seeing it at first.
  4. Here is a pic of the pattern tested for Laura for her Posies Pattycakes Baby Mitts:) Cute pattern and great idea.
  5. Well, add me to the list, I just saw your post and the testing is closed, so cute and would have loved to test this one with the fishermen in my family:) Yvette
  6. Finished one today and will get pic and info to you tomorrow probably:) If you will send me your email, then I can send you a pic tomorrow. Thanks
  7. Very pretty Heather as always:)
  8. Danielle, that is darling:) and your niece too!
  9. Very cool Debi! Another winning design:)
  10. Another awesome beauty Heather!
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