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  1. Well, my Red Heart just didn't work up as nicely as I thought it would. Long story into short: I started over with three colors of I Love This Yarn. I'm using their Greybeard (a medium grey), Terra Cotta and Light Peach, and I like it so far. Because it will be very plain in these stripes I'm thinking ahead to a nice border for it for accent. Every color combo I've considered has had grey as an anchor because my daughter's sofa is grey. I'll try to get a picture posted in the next couple of days.
  2. Beautiful, Cindra! I'm not colorblind, can see the blues, and I love them. May I ask what pattern or stitch this is? It's a very handsome afghan!
  3. Well. I'm not used to the new C'ville, it's obvious. I was going to edit what I was replying to down to the exact phrase, which I could do, but once my cursor was in the quote box I couldn't get it out. So odd. Anyway, thank you for saying you think the colors will work. They look great to me but you know how it is... doubts when doing it for someone else.
  4. Thank you, Cindy. I've waffled all over the place with colors but I think I've finally settled down to the six to use. I asked my daughter what she wanted but she just said she "likes all colors" and wouldn't give me any direction, and I'm really wishing I had seen her new house already. The colors I ended up with are dark grey (her sofa is grey), teal, gold, coral, sage, and delicate soft white. To my eye, at least, they look very good together. I hope in an afghan they still do. Maybe I can later do some crocheted wall hangings to kind of pull it all into a unified scheme. (She tends to just let decorating go and not worry about it all.)
  5. May I join this CAL? Today I started the Ribbon Afghan, using 13 (14?) different colors of Red Heart Super Saver. I haven't got enough on it for a good picture yet and besides, it's getting dark. I'll try to photograph it in the next couple of days. I'm already regretting making it quiiiite so big, but... we'll see how it goes. ETA: I decided while it's still early in the crocheting to make it smaller. I cut about a foot off the end (it works up vertically) and now have an afghan going which is average size instead of an Afghanus giganticus.
  6. I was going to suggest that it doesn't look hard to replicate, but Reni found the pattern for you. Cute little basket, ExRea!
  7. Somehow I missed this last year, but Karen, it's absolutely beautiful. I'm sure they do treasure such a lovely thing! But how fabulous for you to make it for them!
  8. I suspect you could add it as an attachment. Then others could right-click to save it to their computers? At least I think this would work.
  9. What a wonderful little blanket! And I think we crocheters know what kind of time you put into it, too. It's lovely, Becks. Kudos!
  10. Thank you, pineapplequeen and Belinda. It was fun to do.
  11. Agree. I don't see very many Stickies here on C'ville, though. (Or am I just blind?) I wanted to look it back up but couldn't find it although I looked diligently, and finally asked on Ravelry. Another C'ville member there took it upon himself to look too, and had better luck than I. He was nice enough to post the link.
  12. This is intended to be sewn on a white pillow case. One of these days I'll get that part done.
  13. Great bag! I've toyed with the idea of a free form bag before but you've actually achieved it! Outstanding, Mandy.
  14. I am bumping this up just because. Well, just because, and because I have a friend on Ravelry who was asking for this information, and although I remembered that I had asked that here AND that I had gotten several good answers, I couldn't find it even after diligent search. Perhaps there are other new "threadies" who would like to know how to size up or down for projects and would appreciate the good stuff in this thread.
  15. I think Baily4 has the right idea: try hooks with the larger handle and see if that helps some. Another thing to do is to gradually work your way down through yarn sized and then into thread sizes. Worsted, DK, Sport/Baby, Fingering, then lace yarns and threads. And don't forget size 5 thread which is bigger than #10. It still has the look of thread but is enough larger to be easier to manage. And if you do #5 you might try something besides a doily if you don't like the look. (Maybe a string bag or something similar?) That way your hands and mind can adjust to the size but you can get a product which hopefully works for you. Good luck!
  16. Thread lace for a pillowcase. It will be sewn on rather than crocheted on since the lace will probably last much longer than the fabric in the pillowcase will.
  17. Of course, mattenlou. It's Embroider This. What I ordered before was not pillow cases but flour sack towels so I'm eager to see what this pair looks like. I rather wanted to get some kitchen towels for redwork, too, but didn't. When I look at the pre-stamped pillow cases for embroidery I'm always dismayed at the poor quality of cotton. Hopefully these will be better.
  18. It took off and on all morning but I finally found a shop I have used before and placed an order. ♥♥♥ Now to get to work!
  19. I am crocheting a strip of lace which I intend to put on the edge of pillowcases. Some years and computers ago I had been given links to places which sell heirloom quality pillowcases and fabric — fine cottons, batistes and linens. The cases were gorgeous but now I have no idea what those links were or the names of the sites. Can anyone help? Do you have sources like this? And here is a begining picture of my lace. That's Bart Elwell's Fan Edging from Piecework Magazine, Nov/Dec 2010. I'm using #20 thread.
  20. Green is probably my favorite color and emerald is one of my favorite favorites. I want to wear it, maybe in a pretty top with coordinating skirt. As far as crocheting (or knitting) with it goes, we'll have to see...
  21. I'm 62 and STILL have baby fine hair — well, most of it is. The brown is still baby fine while the grey is a tiny bit coarser. The brown at the nape of my neck is incredibly soft. It's so long (past my hips) that I don't think it could be spun, but certainly it could be braided. Check out spinning magazines, especially ones like Interweave's Spin-Off. There you will fairly regularly see projects of dog hair. I don't know why at least some human's hair would not work as well; I'm not so sure about heavily dyed or otherwise processed hair.
  22. Most of those are magnolia leaves which are very tough and leathery at one point. I think she must be getting the leaves at just the right stage to work with. Still — pretty amazing!
  23. Sorry, but I never saw your next note — and double sorry because I've never knit toe-up, but most people choose either Judy's Magic Cast On or the Turkish Cast On. Googling these terms should readily take you to them.
  24. Thanks, Cindy. I have to admit, the only sweater I've ever knitted before was for a toddler. This, for me, well... we'll see how it goes; however I'm pleased so far. I did rip to re-start early on because I didn't like the fabric I was getting — too stiff — and went up a needle size. It's better now and coming on. It's a neck-down raglan so the stitch count grows very rapidly. I have to remember that all those stitches represent the front, back, and both sleeves on the same needle and that's why the row will be getting so long!
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