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  1. Dot, this is just lovely. You are so talented! Thanks for giving us the pattern.
  2. Your son is a genius! It might be fun letting him make lists of colors he thinks go well together. :)h Margaret
  3. Yes, your crochet work is much better. Her work doesn't look professional, especially the poncho. What she's done is unethical. I'd be very upset. >: Margaret
  4. Try : tdcreations.com I think you may find what you want. Good luck. I think I might try this cute blanket doll. :)h Margaret PS. I just looked at the td site. I didn't see the face and hands listed...Darn. I'm almost sure this is the correct site. Maybe they will order it for you? I've purchased from them before and was happy with the experience.
  5. I read your blog and think you're one of the most gifted young designers today. Please keep sharing Margaret
  6. I sent my daughter a link to Margo's eyelash yarn flip flops. (The pic. with them on her feet/pretty painted toenails.) My daughter had trouble getting the link to work so she typed in the link. Immediately the host site began to download add-ware(sp?). My daughter's Norton-Internet Edition caught it and isolated it. Has anyone else had this problem? Can anything be done about it...I don't have Norton. I'm using McAfee. Margaret PS. I know Margo has nothing to do with the problem..stuff like this can happen anywhere. :wave Hi Margo.
  7. 3parrots


    Welcome!!!! Margaret
  8. Very nice selection of hats and scarves. I bet your family-in-law will enjoy them. I like the yellow/black one the best!!! I think it was on page two. It would have looked good on my head. Thanks for sharing, Margaret
  9. Chelle, Thanks for the ideas! After I read your suggestions, I found a simple slipper pattern. I'm happy, happy, happy Thanks again!!! Margaret
  10. 3parrots


    Hi, and glad you're here with us!!!:wave Margaret
  11. Hi and Welcome. We love seeing projects!!! Margaret
  12. Yes, the first knitted thing she has made for me. She's learning to knit...it's beautiful. The stitches are even and the pattern wasn't an easy one... I plan on making her something in crochet. I'm looking for a simple pattern because I want it to be perfect (as perfect as possible)...and, as you know, crochet is new to me. Our daughter is nearly 30yo. and I'm not sure what a young woman of this age might REALLY want. Any suggestions? Thanks!!! Margaret
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