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    I'm married to James and we have 2 kitties.
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    Fort Worth, Texas
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    swimming, tv, boardgames
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    Since Christmas 2006
  1. Oh gosh that is the cutest thing ... and also, good luck to your fiance on his new job!!
  2. I just finished this horse from KristieMN's free pattern ... my friend wanted a Palomino specifically so I tried to copy the coloring for her
  3. debidoodle

    Panda amigurumi

    That is an adorable panda!!! You did a great job
  4. That is too cute! I love the ears. I too am having issues with the sewing parts of making the critters.
  5. I've finished another critter! This one is a raccoon from a pattern by KristieMN. Tell me what you think
  6. Whoops - I meant to post this in the show-and-tell section ... sorry! Please forgive me!!! Ook Ook!!! I just finished my monkey It looks really cute I think. I made it for a friend at work, she's gonna flip! Thanks for the great pattern Kristie! More pictures on my Flickr page!
  7. I visited a LYS today and they are crochet friendly .. even invited me to come on Thursdays from 5-8pm to their "Sit & Knit". To crochet though They said that they would be happy to have anyone come and join them. So ... if you live in Fort Worth, TX and would like to go I think that would be fun. We should take over and show them how awesome us crocheters are! Every Thursday 5-8pm Yarns Ewenique 4111 Camp Bowie (on the bricks) Fort Worth 76107
  8. Today I stopped, for the first time, into a LYS near my work. I was a bit afraid walking in - but found it to be a very pleasant experience. First off it was GORGEOUS inside, all the beautiful yarns. I was greeted by a friendly lady and there were 2 ladies knitting and chatting. There was another employee lingering about and one other customer looking at pattern books. I began to browse. I didn't see a ton of crochet things, but they did have some hooks and books. I picked up a book (the crocheters companion) that i'd been wanting and a cool bag/case to keep my hooks in. They had a lot of beautiful things already made up and laying around as examples. As I checked out I told them I was a crocheter and that I "hoped that was alright" They all (including the ladies who were sitting and knitting) said "OF COURSE!!!!" The one lady told me that they have a teacher who is there from 10-Noon every Tuesday to teach knitting, but that she can also help with crochet patterns or stitches if you are having problems. They invited me to come to their "Sit & Knit" every Thursday from 5-8pm and said I was welcome to come and 'Sit & Crochet'. They also told me that they have one very loyal customer who is a long time crocheter and so they make every effort to have things in stock for their crochet customers. I am really thinking about going on Thursday to crochet ... will be fun to meet new people who like to do things with yarn as a hobby. And if there are any Fort Worth people here that want to join me, I say lets go for it!!! We should take over and show them how fabulous us crocheters are!!! The store is: Yarns Ewenique 4111 Camp Bowie Blvd. (on the bricks) Fort Worth 76107
  9. debidoodle


    I love Grover! I have a couple of little stuffed ones myself. You are very kind to make him for your Sister, I know she will love him He looks fabulous!
  10. I just finished this monkey for my aunt .... my critters seem to always turn out a little lopsided, but considering this is only the 3rd one i've made I'm sure I'll get better Plus, I still think they are cute anyway!
  11. Thanks again Diamond, for sharing your pattern with us all!
  12. Pretty much anything that i've seen enough times that I don't have to pay too close of attention to I really like when Bravo, USA or TNT have Law & Order marathons on, I get a lot crocheted during those.
  13. I am teaching a friend to crochet, and she is teaching me to knit. Its fun and we are having a good time.
  14. Hey TexasRedHead ... I just signed up to go to that FW MeetUp myself!!!!! I'm very excited I will be there and bringing a friend. Can't wait to go, sounds like so much fun.
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