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  1. I received the hook yesterday in the mail. I havent been around the ville much lately...school and work keep me busy...but I have today off and am going to try and get some squares done up.
  2. I unfortunately need to leave the blitz. I am starting school in August and I have way to much to get done between now and then. That includes looking for a new job and possibly working a second for the next couple of months. Weekends will need to be family time. During the school year I will have no time during the week for the kids and I need to get some time in now. When I have a few minutes to breathe and after I get caught up on things I HAVE to get done I will try to work on a few items. I really hate to do this, but this is very important to me. I have wanted this since I was 5...30 long years ago. Never thought I would get this chance after I was married my senior year of high school. Stress will be a big factor over the next year...as well as finances being tight. Again I will try to do as much as I can when I can and will be happy going into the misc donations category. Keep up the great work everyone.
  3. I love that show. She is ione feisty granny!!! More should be like that. She crochets or knits alot as well.
  4. Please add me to the list. I am sending you a pm with my addy.
  5. Thats a town I never thought I would see mentioned on the net!!! I grew up in Maine, and spent lots of time in Old Town visiting my grandmother. Havent been their in years though. Wow small world after all!
  6. Ths..makes me feel better! Will just have to double up for next month to make up for this month.
  7. I havent gotten anything done or even started this month. Having a hard time dealing with Dad's death all of a sudden. Add to that a muscle spasm in my back...well u get the picture. So...hubby is a trucker. A lady I used to care for on weekends was a Marine, and then a trucker when she retired. So my plan is to get hubby to take her for a ride in the truck. She really misses riding in them, and has a friend who takes her for a quick ride when he is in town. I know this is something that will put a smile on her face. Not crochet, but still a blessing for a sick, sweet lady.
  8. Ok I have been a bad crocheter this week! I havent made even one square! Life has gotten in the way, and now looks like I will be outta comission at least one more day. Darn stupid nerve in my danged stupid shoulder!! If it is still acting up in morning I am heading to docs. Cant sit anywhere but puter chair!
  9. I get mine at walmart, hobby lobby, and michaels. They are getting harder to find, and patterns are even harder then they used to be to find.
  10. I have been thinking about doing another doll...let me look around and fine a pattern I wanna use. I like doing the Indian dolls so may do another of them. My daughters room is over run with my dolls now though.
  11. I agree with cluless. I like getting a head start then I dont feel so rushed with stuff. A local hospice has a group of volunteers who gets together on Thursday evening to make prayer shawls. To save on postage that month I think I may go there and make and donate shawls to them.
  12. I will be with ya!! I am gonna make squares for Victory Junction. Need to find some gingham fabric in black and white to make some teddies to go with them. But for next week I will concentrate on 12 inch sqaures for them.
  13. I think it was just for this month because of the contest that was run. I could be wrong, but that would be nothing new.
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