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    Crocheting since 1980. Mom to 2, Momo to 2 grandsons
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    Crochet, web sites
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    author of Christian romantic fiction
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    since 1980
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    afghans, scarves, squares, hats, butterflies
  1. crochet.sandie

    Jimbo hooks

    Thanks! His last blog post was October 2016. You know how it is. It's the Internet. You get to sort of know people and then they disappear and you worry. :-)
  2. crochet.sandie

    Jimbo hooks

    I don't know if this is the right place to ask this, but I happened across Jimbo's Front Porch after not having passed by in a while and noticed there haven't been any postings lately. Does anyone know if Jimbo is still around? Such a nice man.
  3. crochet.sandie

    Do u have scrap yarn laying around?

    Are you still in need of yarn bits? Worsted weight acrylic?
  4. crochet.sandie

    2014 Afghans for NICU babies for Christmas - Delivered!

    Was a Facebook page (or blog or web site or whatever) created with the pertinent information? Size, colors, address etc...
  5. crochet.sandie

    SOLD - Phildar Schafwolle Wool Yarn Dark Teal - $30 free shiipping

    If you haven't sold them I will take them. E-mail me the payment information please.
  6. crochet.sandie

    SOLD - Phildar Schafwolle Wool Yarn Dark Teal - $30 free shiipping

    Is this worsted weight?
  7. crochet.sandie

    Translation Help Please

    I show a 2 dc decrease (decrease over 3 stitches) in my ripple video - look about 1:20 in. The decrease over 3 stitches, in text, would be yo, insert hook in next chain, yo, pull through (3 loops on hook) yo, pull through 2 loops (2 loops on hook) yo, insert hook in next chain, yo, pull through (4 loops on hook) yo, pull through 2 loop (3 loops on hook) yo, insert hook in next chain, yo, pull through (5 loops on hook) yo, pull through 2 loops (4 loops on hook) yo, pull through all 4 loops You would previously have had 3 stitches there. After the decrease you have 1. So you have "decreased" 2 stitches. At the bottom you use 3 stitches to get one stitch at the top.
  8. crochet.sandie

    Yo Yo's for Charity

    I am just discovering this thread. I am right now going through my small balls and making yoyos. Can you tell me what charities you have sent these ghans to thus far? I did see one picture of a beautiful ghan. Are there other pictures somewhere? [added] I am also curious as to the other methods of making yoyos, just for my own info. I only know the one method of making 16dc in ring. I have made granny's daughters as well, double yoyos etc. I have a page on my web site showing how to make these, but if there is another method I might like to include that as well. Sandie
  9. crochet.sandie

    Afghan Worked from Both Sides of the Chain

    I have a rectangle granny tutorial and the first "pattern" is worked on both sides. http://www.crochetcabana.com/tutorials/rectangle-grannies-p1.htm
  10. English could mean UK or US although 3 ch = 1 tr and 1 ch seems to me to be UK or European.
  11. crochet.sandie

    with on top?

    Aren't you sweet, Kathy! Thank you for those kind words. I really should consolidate all my e-mails and IDs into one. LOL I also enjoy offering help when I can and like to share links to good articles and information. It takes all of us to make the crochet world go round, so kudos to everyone here at Crochetville who takes the time to offer an answer. What is that saying? You can't help everyone, but every one can help someone. Something like that. :-)
  12. crochet.sandie

    with on top?

    I never thought of it possibly being translated from another language, but that could be. I like the idea of "with one top" because that is indeed what you're doing in a decrease, making two bottoms into one top. Don't know if that is what they meant, but it does sound plausible. Thanks for the ideas.
  13. crochet.sandie

    with on top?

    This is just a matter of curiosity, but I saw a question at yahoo asking what this meant and I had no idea. I suspect it was a typo, but it's not hitting my brain. The pattern said: " 10 hdc, 2 hdc with on top, 7 hdc, 2 hdc with on top " etc... I'm not working the pattern. Just wondered what "with on top" could possibly mean since it is used more than once in the pattern.
  14. crochet.sandie

    List Your Blog Here

    When I got the new blog notice this morning I realized I had never posted my Crochet Cabana blog, started last year. So here it is. http://crochetcabana.blogspot.com/ Thanks to any who visit.
  15. crochet.sandie

    The pattern reads...

    Can you post the name of the pattern? If you can share a link to the pattern or a picture of what the finished product will look like, or the name of the book where the pattern is located that might be helpful? With the information provided there is no way to know what the next section will tell you to do with those chains. You might check the publisher web site to see if it is a pattern error. There should be a section on errata. If not, my suggestion would be to contact the publisher directly or the pattern designer if you know who it is, for a better explanation. Good luck!