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  1. Right well the only reason I ask is because I was in Good old Coles bookstore loking around and saw this amazing magazine. I picked it up and was mostly knitting. It was called....Vogue Knitting...Or Vogue Knit. But I instantly fell in love WITH EVERYTHING. and it's all knitted. and i dunno about that. maybe i can TURN THEM INTO CROCHET! yeah right hahahaha
  2. hey all! well to keep this short and to the point, i was just wondering how many of you are any good at knitting too? and whether learning knitting is tougher than crochet? I'm pretty good at picking crochet up, but knitting, i dunno i tried a purl stitch and had a really bad experience, then moved on to crochet :lol:lol:lol anyway! Thanks to whoever answers <3 :hug
  3. Siq yeah i meant the pearl gloves. they're amazing. yeas i didn't bother to look at any of the info about it cuz i have about 5 projects going now hahaha. when i tried to PASTE THE ACTUAL SITE it blocked me hahahahaha. it was all *********.com hahahahaa o gee. thanks lefties i'll check it out!
  4. I was surfing the net and found this way cute retro crochet site freevintagecrochet.com/other/pearl-belt-pattern these gloves are the most CHIC THING I'VE EVER SEEN i saw them and fell in love with them. wearing them would make me feel soooo sophisticato. YAY o and I'm kinda surfing for some sites that will have some good patterns for a teengirl who wants to try and make some chic clothes for herself. I'm into retro, uhm chiccc, stylish, good patterns that aren't too OBVIOUSLY home made. uhm, what else, i like clothes and colour haha and interesting things like stripes etc. i dunno ANYWAY! thanks <3 Love to hear from you all on some great fashion sites for crochet you've stumbled across! :manyheart
  5. Hm....knitting i find harder than crochet...but it does produce much nicer hidden stitches when you want a subdued garment. I might look at it...i never got past the basic whatever stitch my gram taught me. i couldn't figure out for the life of me how to purl stitch. :S:S:S:S
  6. MM! I never thought of going into my own closet.... you guys are genei (plural of genius?! hahahahaha) No but seriously thanks for all of your advice! And i'll def get the stitch bible out from the library and go at some sort of sweater pullover that's way cute. I'm thinking lacey and pair it with a long sleeve shirt or tee underneath. M cute! i'll for sure get some other people to test it out if it works out.... I'm so excited now..... hee! thanks thanks thanks a million! (btw...i generally like the clothes to show of my nice parts haha and hide others ) AWESOME...now i can make something that i want to wear
  7. Aw very pretty. Looks like a grown up sort of barbie beach bag!
  8. Keisha15

    killer hat

    Very Chic! good JOBBBBB!! Now i want one..
  9. Very nice. The colours contrast amazingly. yay you!
  10. so chic. I would do it in stripeys though. but that's got to be my age factor talking here. gorgeous. you have the approval of a teenager on that chic scarf. Way to go
  11. I sure wish i had the technical skill to make my own designs. I tried once but it just ended up a disaster! Being a teen crocheter, it's tough to find patterns that i actually LIKE and would wear! One day i'll do it though. Maybe i'll find a site that has a billion modern, fashinable, colourful, hip, funky patterns....who knows. Then I'd be on Plus your own patterns has it's perks....such as... $$ haha. jk jk. but it means a perfect fit, and pride that you did it by yourself. hm maybe those that have designed their own could help me. ! or maybe someone has an amazing site for patterns that a teenage girl would love then i would be happppppy!:cheer:cheer !!!!!!!!!! AND DOES ANYONE ELSE NOTICE THAT normal crochet patterns are all TOO SHORT! they go to like my waist and always rise up . I want them to go pastttt my waist and sit comfortably and WON'T rise up :yes:yes:yes
  12. That would look oh so pretty casual too! WIth a pair of darlk blue jeans underneath!! gorgeous
  13. That is amazzezing!! It didn't even look like crochet at fist it is so rich looking I LOVE IT
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