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  1. That is just the CUTEST thing ever!!
  2. That is soooooo cute!!! I could just see my little dd wanting to use this for her tea set!!! I love it!! TY very much for sharing!!
  3. VERY cute!!! I'm going to make my 2 little ones who will be in kindergarden and 1st grade in september each one of these for when school starts!! I just had an Idea to embroider the actual school name and number on the side just like their bus!!! too cute!!! TY!!!!
  4. That is soooo adorable!! TY for sharing it with us
  5. TY!! That is toooo cute!! My dd LOVES ladybugs and am always looking for a ladybug pattern!! TY
  6. That is soooo cute!! I could've never come up with something that clever!!
  7. Very Cute!!! I just LOVE the bell bottoms!!
  8. Thanks for the pattern! I always wanted to try plastic bag crochet! It looks really cute !
  9. Thank you for sharing I will make the bunny ones for my 4 and 6 year old for easter
  10. Just an update...I made these over the weekend and they will go in my baby nieces easter basket. They came out perfect!! The pattern was very easy to understand and they made up really quick!! Thank you for sharing I just wish I had more little babies in my family so I could make more
  11. Thanks! These are cute!! I'm going to make them for my baby niece for easter. I have some leftover bells from making christmas stockings, I think I might try using those for the "rattle". Super Cute!!! Does anyone know how to print out the pattern without printing out all the posts and stuff too? Every time I try to print it wants to print everything else too, like 8-10 pgs! Alot of wasted ink ya know? Thanks!
  12. thats sooo cute!! my 6yold dd LOVES ladybugs
  13. I REALLY need a new printer! LOL I can't keep up. This looks really cute with the crown!! Thank you for all of your great patterns!
  14. I LOVE those little bitty socks!!!
  15. I do the same thing, when I don't have thin enough yarn handy I will divide 4 ply into 2 hubby thinks I'm nuts lol