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  1. That turned out just gorgeous (Oh, I love your model!). I'll be trying that pattern when it comes out. Thanks Jaki
  2. ANYONE would love that gift from you. Great colours: fun, and useful. Well done. Jaki
  3. :ty For that pattern. I can't wait to try it now - I'm going to put some little tiny brass bells in it, and wear it for belly dancing. You're so clever. Jaki
  4. Hi from Western Australia. I, too, searched for a couple of months before I found this place, but now I'm here, I'm staying. You'll be the same - everyone is great, the links are endless, and it'll be come your new addiction to log in and see who's done what. Have fun. Jaki
  5. Ha ha, Karen's angling for a hand-on! And who can blame her.
  6. Hiya Paula, from Western Australia. I saw your entry at the time you wrote it, but put off replying because I knew I'd seen something about designing for larger women somewhere and wanted to tell you about it! You're probably all ready aware of it, but just in case... The Crochet Guild of America is holding its national conference in Oakland this year, July 20-24, and I saw there is a class on designing for larger women. I just got these details from the brochure on the web (http://www.crochet.org/2005conf/cacrochetclasses.pdf from http://www.crochet.org/2005conf/index.html#National) F200C Design Series – Designing Larger Sizes (I – must have taken Design 2A or have ability to design garments with increases and decreases at edges for shaping) Instructor: Nancy Nehring I hope I'm not telling you stuff you all ready know. I would love to be going to this conference, and the FibreArts Markets, but I actually fly back to Australia from Oakland on the 20th!! How's that for disgusting timing. Have fun with this site, and see your projects around. Jaki
  7. That is magnificent. I love the colours, and the design looks great in those colours. You certainly have an eye for putting things together. Jaki
  8. I know just what you mean. I was actually getting a bit frantic thinking that I'd have to sit there doing nothing with my hands. I think now, though, that I'll just take a BIG plastic crochet hook, which could obviously not be used as a weapon, and shouldn't show up anyway on xray.
  9. Bec, This was most reassuring, as you never know with Australian security, compared to the rest of the world. I actually emailed airport security a couple of weeks ago, but no one bothered to reply. Where are you flying into? I'm going to LA via Singapore, then driving up to SF/Bay area, and flying out from there. See you on the 'plane:plane ! I can't wait to escape the cold down here, but knowing SF, it'll probably put on a few fogs for me. Jaki
  10. Hi Angie, from one of the colonies! You'll love this site:manyheart Jaki in Western Australia
  11. Hi, and welcome from Western Australia. You'll love it here. One of the best things has been checking out everyone's blogs, and there are so many of us that are into all sorts of yarn and fabric activities. Hope to see you, and photos of your projects around. Jaki:yay
  12. Hola! You'll love this very multicultural, ever changing site. Welcome, and make sure you show us all your projects.
  13. Don't tell me it's cool there - I'm flying into southern Cal. next week, and looking forward to not having to wear sweaters. Oh, well, another chance to show off my crocheting, I guess. Welcome to Crochetville:welcome I'm from Western Australia - there are people from all over, and it's great. Except it's increased my addictions - not only crochet and yarn, but this site as well! You'll be the same.
  14. I absolutely love your wallet, and am printing your pattern off as we speak (or I type, or something). Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for sharing. The zinnia/round button closure idea is inspired. I can't wait to get home now! [/url]
  15. Hi Justine, and welcome. You'll love this place. You'll be inspired and inspired and inspired:yay
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