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  1. I usually use the size hook that the yarn package recommends. If it is still ruffling go up a size and that should help.
  2. I have a link to the pattern (lyn's round ripple) in my siginature. for all of you that haven't seen me in a while, I had my baby and if you want to see pics check out my blog. link also in my signature.
  3. depending on how big you want it' date=' i would go with the one pound skeins. i used 5#'s on a blanket i made for my pastor, it was about 90 inches across. so five skeins. the pounders are a little thicker than the smaller skeins so you might need a little more. here is a link to the post on my blog where the picture is. it is the first one. the purple one.[/color'] http://sue-crochetandchat.blogspot.com/2008/02/round-ripple-update.html
  4. I do mine in to top of the chain 3 space and do a slip stitch. I also take the two loops when I do this. I use the angel kiss pattern that I have a link to in my signature. Hope this helps. If not pm me and I will try to help more. Good luck.
  5. I use Lyn's round ripple pattern. If I want it bigger than what her pattern is I just keep going. There is a link in my signature. The project angel kisses pattern link. For the one with extra points I was inspierd from a post on the ville. I still used lyn's pattern but followed rosereds directions. Here is the link for that. http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showpost.php?p=691643&postcount=1 Thank you. She was sure a suprise. A good one though.
  6. I like my baby rr's to be kind of big. I usually make mine 40 to 50 inches. I would at least make it 36 inches. Most make theirs around 36-40 rows depending on hook size. I use a j hook. Here is a link to a few I have done. the light pink one is 36 rows and about 40 inches. http://sue-crochetandchat.blogspot.com/2007/08/my-recent-round-ripples.html
  7. http://sue-crochetandchat.blogspot.com/2007/08/my-recent-round-ripples.html This is a link to the page where I have posted 3 of my rr's. the light pink and verigated one I had a total of 26 ounce of yarn and used almost all of it. it is 36 rows. the pink and purple one i had 6 7oz skeins and used almost all of it on that one. I think the light pink one was about 40 inches and the other around 50. Now the purple one you see started took alot more yarn but was at least 90 inches when done. I started out with 3 skeins of 1#yarn and 2 5 oz skeins of the verigated. I had to buy more of both the pu
  8. I didn't find out until last month. I went in for my annual exam and when they asked how long it had been since my last cycle I told them and they did a test and it was positive. I didn't think anything about the timing because my body has been funny in that area for several years. Needless to say there will be a 9 year age difference between her and my youngest. Almost 12 between her and my oldest. I guess I will have built in babysitters. If anyone is interested I have posted ultrasound pics on my blog.
  9. Very pretty. I love the colors. I am doing one with the ocean, that mint green, and a purple. I am making mine for a baby girl. Then when I am done with that one I sould have enough left over to make one for my new baby. She is due in june.
  10. You can but don't have to. I have done them both ways.
  11. I like those colors. It is very pretty. What kind/colors did you use?
  12. here is the link to RoseRed's 12 to 24 point round ripple. It explains everything well. I did one following her directions. Very easy to understand. http://crochetville.org/forum/showpost.php?p=691643&postcount=1
  13. j hook is the size I use unless I am doing two strands and haven't had a problem with them laying flat.
  14. Your rr is very big and pretty. I finished my big one back in July. I call it the beast because it was so big. I posted it here. it was about 90" point to point. when I got to the end I think it took close to 90 min to get around one time. of course that depended on my speed at the time I was working on it. I know I used around 5#'s of yarn on mine. If you want to see it you can look on my blog. it is the last thing I have posted so it should be easy to find. I know I was glad when I got done with mine and the recipent was very happy when she recieved it. it was a surprise.
  15. i don't know how fast you crochet but my single strand rr it took about a day, if you work steady on it. my 2 strand on a little less because they go faster. I could get them both done in around a week if I needed to. that is if I didn't have a full day to work on one. it also depends on how much time you have each day too.
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