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    learned in childhood from grandma, but didn't really pick it up til early 2005
  1. I want to send my thanks out to my pal, Helen (CreativityWoods) for the wonderful box of gifts she sent to me! I'm hoping to be able to post pics soon, but for now, let me tell you all that she sent some very cool things. She crocheted me a black hat with hot pink yarn worked in the brim (so now I'm actually looking forward to going out in all the snow, to show it off. <g>) She sent some cute cards and post-it's and a mug, all with a crafty theme that tickled me. And some nail polishes, for me to get girly when I have the chance to indulge myself a bit, which is fun. Oh, and she remembered about my diabetes, and sent me some sugar-free caramel sauce that looks delicious, and I can't wait to pick up some of the sugar-free vanilla ice cream to drizzle this over for dessert one night. Jeff and Danny are eyeballing that sauce, too. LOL And knowing that I've recently learned to knit, she sent me two sets of the extra-huge knitting needles, suitable for knitting up quick projects with bulky yarns, and I look forward to giving those a try quite soon. I'm thinking it may be time to combine a few of my yarns to make a tweedy quick-knit shawl -- doesn't that sound like a fun January project? Now, I haven't had my shower yet this morning, so I'm off to enjoy her other gift -- some lovely scented shower gel, after-shower spray, and body lotion. (*Very* welcome at this time of year, as I always dry out like a mummy in winter.) Thanks so much Helen! Hope your gifts from me brought you as much pleasure as these have to me! Take care, Lene'
  2. Bet they'd make great tea if dunked in boiling water, huh? Sounds like a festive holiday brew. Maybe you could even use them to mull wine or cider... hmmm, ideas, ideas... Lene'
  3. I just placed an order with WEBS, having found some lovely things I think my partner (hi Helen!) will enjoy. I've never shopped with them before -- I hope they're prompt with their shipping! I won't be able to go into town to do some other shopping til this weekend, alas, which means more shoppers to cope with. Heh, I prefer shopping when the stores aren't busy, but having limited access to the car makes for busy weekends. I wish I enjoyed doing my holiday shopping for everyone else on my list as much as I do shopping for my yarnie pal. <g> I like shopping for my son, and my mom, but my hubby and the rest of the family stress me right out. They're tricky to shop for, although this year I at least have a start on my hubby, *and* I know he wants me to knit him a Jayne hat, so there's a fun gift for him. Wrapping paper! Yikes, I hadn't even considered that! Good thing I scoped out the thread today, I'd have forgotten that aspect altogether. Little bundles of frogs wrapped up in ribbon would be well within my range, though. Helen, are you worried now? LOL I'll tie cinnamon sticks to them and use festive red ribbon, I promise. Lene'
  4. Hi to my partner, Helen! (CreativityWoods) I'm looking forward to being your partner, and to getting to know you better. I popped by your blog -- your kids are absolutley adorable! (Don't tell your son I said that -- I don't imagine being "adorable" ranks high with him at this age. lol) Lene'
  5. I absolutely love to make these. I've made some of the decorative ones, with more "holes" in the pattern, but since my fingers slide through the holes when washing dishes and it drives me batty, I save those for use as hotmats to set things on the table. For actual dishcloths, I like Sugar and Cream and Peaches and Cream and also the Handicrafter Cotton, and I've made a few with Cottontots that are very nice -- those stay nice and soft and would be good for use on your body or face. I also made myself several large rectangles that I use under my dish drainer in place of the plastic/rubber mat that one normally would have there. I found those mats always seemed to collect water and get a build-up of mineral deposits and so on over time. I like having an absorbent crocheted towel or mat under there instead, as I can just toss it in the wash every few days and put another pretty coloured mat there in its place. I've also just taught myself to knit, and found that plain old garter stitch made up in a leftover partial skein of Cottontots made a really nice cloth -- the texture was just right. I have a couple skeins of the Handicrafter cotton right now in the Christmas colours, waiting to be made into cloths for stocking stuffers. My hubby always laughs at me when he sees me making yet another cloth, but he also likes to use them, and I get requests for them from family members, so... Lene'
  6. Hi cupcake! Nice to "see" you, too! Off topic, I made a tea cozy with your lovely scallop pattern a couple weeks ago for an old family friend, who loved it, and now I'm to make one for her, one for my mom (and darn it, one for myself) in Christmas colours in time for the holidays, as well as some other gifts I'll be making. That pattern is simply one of the best, thanks so much again for sharing it. I know what you mean about the quality of the dolls -- I suspect the newer dolls may be lighter, less durable, but they're still awfully cute, and sooo tempting to me. I do know the older ones I've seen were fairly durable. Lene'
  7. HI Tina! I know, I've been inactive for a while. It's nice to see so many old friends and new faces both when I tiptoe through the forum. I will have to check out ordering one of the little dolls. They really are sweet, aren't they? They have to be appealing, to have lasted as a design for so long. <g> Ok, I've goota get off the 'puter and sit down with my yarn! I've got a Babette in the works for my son, and some tea cozies to do for my mom and a friend, and then I need to try to master my newly-found knitting skillz enough to make a Jayne Cobb hat for my hubby. Eeeep! Lene'
  8. Oh, I love these! They make me think of my grandma, because she dearly loved them and always talked about the one she used to have. I wish we had a Hobby Lobby near us! It would be fun to have a Kewpie, and to name her Louise. (Can you guess my grandma's name? LOL) Never knew about patterns for Kewpie clothes -- how adorable is that? Lene'
  9. I've been awol from the forum a lot this year, although I pop in and read from time to time. Looks like things are settling down into my nice, quiet rhythm again, and I stopped in here this morning to enjoy catching up, and found this wonderful swap still open. It's a sign! LOL Signed up, and look forward to swapping again. Lene'
  10. Oh my word, I'd dearly love to have both her kitchen and those wonderful skulls you made, although I'd never use them for fear of messing them up. I'd have to hang them on the wall for decoration, and I bet you that's what she'll end up doing, too. <g> They're just too pretty to get dirty. What a great job you did! Lene'
  11. I've been with Crochetville since before the move to this board, but have been inactive for a while due to health issues, among other things. Just started coming back recently, and have picked up my hook again (working on a faux-Babette blanket as a gift for my son this Christmas.) I guess I first started visiting here in early 2005... why does it seem like so much longer? Feels like this place has been part of my life for many more years than that. <g> Lene'
  12. One of my favorite afghans is a Goodwill find -- my hubby actually knows to paw through the crocheted stuff to see if anything looks like a wonderful bargain, and he spotted it and fell in love with it. It's a gorgeous ripple blanket done in shades of red, orange, and yellow (graduated shading) with a brown thrown in as an accent colour. The cool thing about it is that it was obviously originally intended as a full-sized blanket but it was made using wool yarn and someone washed it and felted it, so now it is sofa-sized. Perfect condition, but the person apparently thought they'd "ruined" it, and so took it to Goodwill. My good luck, in this case. <g> I actually hope to someday make a similar ripple in shades of blue or violet using all wool yarn and felt it down to make a thick wool blanket for my bed. But that'll have to wait til I'm absolutely rolling in dough, because I certainly couldn't afford that much wool yarn now! LOL Lene'
  13. lene

    a finished Totoro!

    *LOVE* him! We're all Totoro fans at our house, and this is darling. Oh drat... and I have so many other projects in the works... but it's *Totoro*... <sigh> Lene'
  14. Me, too! This has completely captured me, and it's rather bad timing, since I'm already wrapped up in several WIPs as it is. LOL I've started a file in my crochet folder just for this, though, and as soon as I can commit to another project, I want to try this. I have some cheap yarn to practice on, then want to use some very nice cashmere to make a new scarf for my mom. This looks like it would make a gorgeous scarf, and that would be a great Christmas present to make up this summer. Thanks loads! Lene'
  15. I'm actually finding that the modular technique is working out well for me, but it may help that I'm using a fingering weight yard, so the fabric has less bulk (which is nice, since *I* have more bulk than needed as it is.) I like being able to adapt as I go, and I keep having all these cool ideas for future sweaters, playing with this technique and yarns/colours, etc... I will undoubtedly try my hand at some actual patterns again soon enough, but for now, i'm so relieved to be able to muck about without having to follow a pattern. Lots less stress for me, and the designs are simpler to conceive in my head, although there's the freedom to add detailing and little changes to make it more unusual as I go. Good luck to you in finding something that will work for you! I know how frustrating it is, believe me. I wear a size 20, and have trouble finding plus sized patterns or clothing in my price range that I actaully like and feel good in. Lene'
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