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  1. I'm not turning anyone away for testing. So please, know that I am writing these patterns using US terminology at this time. And also, please, work the pattern as best you can with the pattern directions sent out. The supplies are either crochet cotton size 10, or else baby fingering weight yarns. It is my belief that DK yarns are a bit larger than the fingering weight yarns. But you can still do the testing with the Dk yarns, using a larger hook, your gauge will be different however, and that is understandable. I'm not picky. Trust me on that. I just need to know that my directions can be followed, and the results of your finished work needs photos to show me that you are able to follow the pattern. As well as possibly using your photos on the cover page of the published pattern. Thank you.
  2. Thank you to those who have finished some project testint. Unfortunately though I have sent out a number of patterns out to a lot of the volunteers, I have not heard back from but a couple of you. It was told to me that some was mainly with the impression that they could get a free pattern without giving anything back in photos and results of their findings. This was to be expected. So please, I ask this of those of you that are really serious about being testers for me. Don't make a request for testing, if you do not take what we are doing seriously, as this is my life's surviving future that I am working hard to build, and you as a tester are assisting me to and I pray find a way to make some sort of income for myself, as I am disabled, but get no assistance through the government or Social Security. And I've got to make the pattern thing work. I have no choices but to make it work. Each of you as testers and friends are very important to me not only for your assistance, but as lovers of the art of crochet as well. Please know I take my work in designing very seriously, even though it is also for delighting in the craft. If you still have not received a pattern, please contact me at cameo.email@yahoo.com immediately as I have a bonnet and bootie set for a small newborn or preemie that is ready for testing. To those ladies that dropped out as testers, my thanks for your interest. I do not hold any ill feelings, in your responses...God bless you. For those of you that have just finished testing, please email me for update purposes, and let me know your findings of the pattern/s, and send your photos as well. Please. Two weeks have passed and I've not heard from you. Thank you.
  3. I prefer a clear photo showing the sole, the instep the sides the heel and the cuff when it comes to booties. And the written instructions, but a chart would also be a good aid. For not all written instructions are either totally correct from not having been tested, or typos, or from being out of country. But I can go by either of the three I've listed here as well as an original item. Sorry but it's true. I would suggest the mentionable above for novice/students of crochet. And a reference guide with your symbols for the charts, as well as a stitch reference with the abbreviations, terms, and special stitches you may create. I have patterns being tested at this time. I did not include the pictures or a chart for them. To make sure that the instructions are understandable. And when it comes to making charts, I have not found a program that helps me keep it organized. Would you care to share on how to make a chart with me?
  4. Thank you to everyone that have inquired to the ad asking for volunteers to test my patterns. I have the right handed testers needed for this portion of the testing. If you would like to be placed on a reference list for testing for future pattern tests, send your information to Attn Marsha 15/March at cameo.email@yahoo.com. A new test will start at that time for doll clothes in crochet. Thank you again, Marsha (You are each very precious to me)
  5. Wow, I don't do at all what you others do for ending my work. I do not knot the outer edges at all. When ending I cut the tail of the yarn about 4 inches out from the last st, and pull the tail completely through the top of the last st. Then I take a tapestry needle and interweave all of that tail into the fabric of the item so I know it will not come loose. Note: even while crocheting, and the beginning tail of the chain is turned at the completion of the 2nd row and interwoven into the fabric. Never cut the tail too short, else you'll get angry with yourself later. Did you know there is a easy way to start a thread around your hook other than actually tieing a knot? Simply wrap your thread or yarn around the body of your hook, then twist the entire hook arnd two times, yo your hook and pull a lp through the beginning lp on your hook. It sounds lazy and crazy but it does not come lose later, and it is neat in appearance.
  6. It looks like to me the top heart is the winner here from all the votes.
  7. Hello there, I have read your complaints and I two know it is frustrating to be half way through something and it be wrong. I've had a pattern actually be 2 different patterns, or else miss an entire page before. There are yarn and thread manufacturers in the United States and abroad that have specific rules for patterns to be accepted. 1) the tester has to be right handed (which I think is wrong) 2) a time limit is put on each project to be made and tested. 3) the free patterns are to peak your interest so that you will buy their supplies. 4) The supplies are more value oriented to them than the patterns or designs, cause they don't make a lot of money in patterns. 5) Proofing and testing is done within their own companies for some, and hired out for others. 6) The norm has been that the number one designers of patterns for a company are not the customers, but employees and staff members. So, the best bet when you get a free pattern off the little hooks at a store, is to know that something will most likely be wrong, else the supplies are going to cost a lot. So why not buy a pattern from a reputable company that you trust, and save your money and frustrations on something you'll really like. Always, what I do, is to read the pattern myself before ever starting. And normally have to retype it because the print is too darn small or light to read in the first place. So, I basically end up rewriting the entire pattern anyway. And because there wasn't any monies put into the pattern in the first place that you get for free, it would not be of benefit for them to make the corrections. Sorry but this is what I have been told many times from different businesses.
  8. At this time I've had one lady sign up to test for me that is left handed. I am in need of at least 4. (Ladybugdreams need not reapply, you are already in). If you are left handed and would like to join the rest of this group testing crochet baby bootie patterns, I'd love to bring you into the group. The sooner the better, and the more the merrier, I always say. I will need your first and last name, your mailing address, and your phone or cell number, emailed to cameo.email@yahoo.com and will ask to include you on the yahoo messenger for faster communication or one on one if you need me. Look for cameo.email that is my user id. This is a expansion request from my first original tester request. Once I receive your information by email, I will send you a tester id # and the project tester forms to fill out while you work on the different test projects. Won't you join us! There's a lot more patterns that need to be tested as well, this only the first group of patterns.
  9. Thank you so much for requesting to test. So far I have 8 people that have gotten their information turned in, that was requested. As soon as I hear from the rest of you we will get started. Seeings as how there is 14 patterns, I am using 14, testers. That way I can interchange each person with a second and third pattern to test, to get 3 different opinions on each pattern. Thank you for your high enthusiasm. I am excited to for us to get started. God bless each and everyone of you. Yes the correct email is cameo.email@yahoo.com NOTE: I'M IN GREAT NEED OF AT LEAST 2 MORE LEFT HAND CROCHETERS. PLEASE SEND NAME, MAILING ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER AND NICKNAME ON CROCHETVILLE ASAP SO WE CAN ALL GET STARTED. THANK YOU
  10. Hello, I applaud you all. I am in Georgia, and had not heard of this before, and ironically I was a military wife for 25 years. I would love to work on something to help this cause. Though I'm not to keen on making afghans. Have you anyone making afghans using granny squares, I'd be happy to help make the squares and send them out to be finished up. Or even house slippers or bed socks for the men and women. I look forward to hearing back from you. I'm in Lavonia, GA 2 hours east of Atlanta. Oh and I also have two sons in active duty Army and Air Force getting ready to go back to Iraq for the second time.
  11. Have you ever thought when wanting to design a sweater or baby bonnet or anything, if you have a flat pattern and remove the allowance without cutting up your pattern paper of course, you can crochet to the shape of that paper and then hand sew the pieces together to make whatever you wish in whatever pattern stitch you desire? I needed a diaper cover pattern and actually did it from a disposable diaper. Unfortunately it was a stretchy diaper, but the results were fantastic, and I didn't need the elastic.
  12. I've just been asked, what it would take for me to move back to Savannah. I do believe if I had some new friends with a common ground on crafting, it would sure help. As I'm disabled and unable to work at this time. But am looking for something. I'm also single again since having a heart attack in 2004; and hopeing to make lots of friends to share hobbies with.
  13. Hello everyone, I am here in Lavonia, Ga. {Franklin County}. About 1/2 hour from Royston, Carnesville, and Tacoa, and approximately 11 miles west of South Carolina's city, Anderson. Which puts me about 2 hours east of Atlanta and 8 hours north of my home town Savannah. I just put up a request for testers for my bootie collection...I hope some of you will sign on. God bless.
  14. Hello, I have just finished getting all the patterns in type and they are ready for testing. 6 patterns to be tested that will go together in a collection to be published. But they must be tested first. Requirements: CONTACT DESIGNER WITH ANY QUESTIONS OR PROBLEMS BABYHAVEN@MYWAY.COM OR CAMEO-EMAIL@YAHOO.COM please make notes while testing (with suggestions or corrections) please note any problems you had with reading and understanding the directions do not share the patterns with anyone, I want one on one with each tester for now a copy of the photo of each finished pair of booties (reason being) your picture could be used on the front cover with others, and you will be given credit as such, and your name will be given crediting you as the tester for said pattern when your photo is used. These patterns are done in such a way that they are to be tested using three different types of supplies for each pattern and pair. size 10 crochet thread with steel hook #5 fingering weight yarn with aluminum hook size D or E baby sport weight with F or G hooks You will also need a tapestry needle, sewing needle and thread and satin ribbon for ties, and whatever embellishments. The reason for the different supplies is because each pattern was written to be enlarged or decreased by the supplies that one uses, rather than the different changes within each pattern. It makes it easier to follow and less to remember when wanting to make different sizes, as well as the lighter materials are used for the smaller the sizes get. (Who really likes to see a big bulky pair of booties on a tiny baby? If you are interested: Here are the titles of the booties... Little Princess Booties #045 is done in sc, dc, and has a lacy scallop design on cuff Pixie Heart Booties #046 is done completely in raised dc (1 or 2 colors) Little Missy Strap Booties #047 is done in hdc mesh and Vst Dainty Sweetheart Booties #048 this one has a crochet heart applique using size 20 crochet thread or 16/2 rayon thread with size 8 steel hook, set is done using dc and ch sts and puffs Tiny Tootsie's Cover Up's #049 is done like a little slipper sock and Baby's First Booties #050 And there are still more to come in the designing process as I type. Bonnets are also in the designing mode to match these booties to be sold in pattern form at a later date. Please contact: Design-n-crochet cameo-email@yahoo.com, or babyhaven@myway.com to sign on. Thank you. I am sorry I'm unable to furnish the supplies for testing. However, once the final book collection called "Tiny Toes Springtime Collection" by me, Marsha D' and produced by Cameo Creations you will receive a final print out, signed by the designer. The sooner we get the testing completed the sooner the patterns will be available. No more than 2 patterns per tester, given out at random. And please, left and right handed crocheters are wanted for the testing. All communications will be by email, and phone will be made available if within the US continent. PLEASE DO NOT OFFER TO BE A TESTER IF YOU ARE ONLY WANTING A FREE PATTERN...THIS NEEDS TO BE DONE IN A TIMELY AND PROFESSIONAL MANNER, AND TAKEN SERIOUSLY AS YOU WILL BE PARTICIPATING AS A DESIGNERS ASSISTANT, NOT THE AVERAGE CROCHET ENTHUSIAST. I have attempted to give as much information as I can in helping with the process of your decision making. I do appreciate you reading this, and look forward to us working together on this project. Sincerely, Design-n-crochet If you are wondering who Cameo Creations is. It is a home business that I have put together for mine and other crochet designers to work together in getting their patterns out to the public market. No we are not Leisure Arts, Annie's Attic, or affiliated with any craft company. And until the patterns are published in a folded book style, and placed on the market, no monies are being made by anyone. Not even the designer. A pattern dealer/salesperson is waiting for these patterns. So time is at the essence.
  15. I have sat here many an hour just like you others, and have several patterns for 5" to 22" dolls, reborns, and babies wear. How and what do I or anyone else interested, need to do to get them out to the public besides publishing them my/ourself(ves) from home like so many ladies I am friends with, are doing in Europe. I also have a new bootie set designed and ready for testing if you're interested. Contact me at: babyhaven@myway.com
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