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  1. Yes Kathy, I actually just joined a few days ago. I have tried there as well. I will just wait. @ Happyoldcro thanks so much. i think what was happening is I was trying to crochet in the sc and make it work and it was leaving me with a st but if I just use the ch sp it works out perfect.
  2. Oh yes Kathy, I've been waiting a while but I do understand it's free. I'll be as patient as I have to because I really want to make this pattern. I've been experimenting and I think it's may actually be that you are sc'ing in the ch 1 sp for row 2 and 3 once you start to repeat but I am just unsure. I may try working it as such and see how it turns out. Thanks Ladies, April
  3. Thanks for taking the time Mary. I knew I was crazy, I've been crocheting for years. I have tried contacting her but no response and I really want to make this sweater. Maybe if I buy one of the other patterns I'll have a better chance of getting a hold of her. Thanks again. April
  4. Yes Kathy, Sorry I thought I posted a link.
  5. I am very good with instruction usually and I could just be messing up somewhere but I am having a problem making this come out right. Has anyone made the Genevieve Sweater by Melissa Hall before? Here is a link to the pattern. What is confusing me is after you have completed line 1-3 and are now going back to repeat line 2 when it states to sk a st is the ch1 sp the st you skip? and also at the end of the rows I am off when it states in row 2 to SC, (ch1, sk 1 st, sc in next st) across at the end I am still left with one st. Please help! I really want to get started on this sweater and get it completed. Thanks in advance!!! April
  6. I am in search of a pattern similar to this one. Anyone got any ideas? http://www.chachaboutique.com/grfx/newsboy_hat.jpg Thanks, April
  7. Alpedford

    Hat sizing

    I am trying to make up my own pattern for a child's bucket hat. My daughter's head circumference is 18in. How do I know how big to make my circle of increases?
  8. I was so inspired by a Jacket that Tara made here that I had to make one for my daughter. Here are the links to the pics. I made up a pattern as I went. It's approx. a girl's 7/8. Thanks for the inspiration Tara. http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a369/Alpedford/IMG_1658.jpg http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a369/Alpedford/sierra1.jpg http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a369/Alpedford/IMG_1655.jpg http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a369/Alpedford/IMG_1653.jpg
  9. That is sooo... awesome. I would love to have a pattern for a cardigan like this. I keep trying to make my own but I'm not there yet. Great Job!!!!!
  10. I just love this bag. It worked up so easily that I've already made 4 for my family. http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a369/Alpedford/pumpkin.jpg
  11. I am trying to make the diaper cover and when I get to row 13-20 I get confused. It says to hdc in the base of ch3(beg st.) does this becomes rounds and where do you create the other leg? I am probably making it harder than it is. Can someone please help me figure this out? It's this pattern http://www.geocities.com/Crotiques/bgs.htm
  12. I love the colors. That is beautiful!
  13. I finished a few projects and listed pics on my blog. I have so many things too do! Where to start? At least these are done.
  14. I would just like to say thanks. The work your are doing is appreciated more than you know. My daughter was not quite so small but little and sick when she was born and she received a blanket in the NICU from a simular charity. It's so nice to have something that someone worked so hard on when they don't even know your child. Thanks again! Great work.
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