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  1. Jadzia


    I am looking for easy socks. I am having a hystorectomy and I need something quick and that dont require a lot out of me to make and change yarn etc. thanks.
  2. Thanks! These will be very helpful!
  3. I have never made a Christmas ornaments but think this would be a great small project. Does anyone have any ideas where free patterns may be? I just bought a bunch off of etsy. Pretty neat, but now I could use a few other easy and quick ideas.
  4. I am starting my Christmas projects and wondering if anyone had seen any patterns of a 3 foot tree? I just need some guidance for this if a pattern is not available.
  5. I am looking for a 2 to 3 foot Christmas tree pattern. I had one long ago but can't find it now.
  6. Thanks! I feel better, I just got my new pc. My last one crashed and refused to work.So I have been without for 2 months.. Now I can get seaching again for quick projects for coworkers!
  7. Does anyone know that vintage website with a black background and stars? Is it still around?
  8. LOL http://whatnottocrochet.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/crochetart2.gif
  9. I love it! Its very elegant.
  10. Do they still have free patterns?
  11. I am struggling to find a idea for a gift for my husband! Any ideas?
  12. I started my project for a in-law. Its a pumpkin-spice color TV blanket.
  13. Is it too early to start Christmas Projects for 2011? I finally finished school (for now)and I don’t want to waste time like I have done many prior Christmas years gone bye. My goal is to crochet all my family members a gift and get more crochet decorations this year for my home. My goal is to search the internet for patterns and I also want to combine some cross stitch projects :thinkinto my crochet projects. This is my commitment for 2011.
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