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  1. Hello I am Rosa and I am an angel - I am blind but I can hear really well - and I love to crochet and loom and use the rmbroidery machine - we just sent off two huge boxes of baby hats and blankets for teh babies that are born too soon - did you know they are called premies? Thank you for helping us - we have 20 angels in our chapter here in the north - and we set a goal of 1000 hats in Christmas colors - if you can help us in any way we would appreicate it - we need christmas colored yarn, and ribbing and fleece - you are all ready helping so much - I was told I will very soon get my own bis siter so I am very happy - thank you Rosa
  2. Do you have a little extra hat you could share with someone with a special need. then we could use you as a big sister - a crocheting partner - come and join us - Rosa
  3. I too am an angel - and I love working with yarn - I have a couple of different problem - I can not see, and I have paralysys CP - so to use a crochet hook is very hard for me - and because I can not see people did not include me in crafts, but the Angels leaders did - they got me a crank knitting machine by I think i think imagination - something like that last year they got me a little one and I made 450 premies hats for a project called TTT and this year they got me a big one - I know they dont tell but I know they paid for it themselves - that is how good they are to us - come craft with us - you will have a good time - Rosa
  4. Theresa and Sandy go to http://www.crafting4acause.org - it lists all the different charities that we work with and information on how to join the cause. thank you for caring - Rosa
  5. or something that I can make on a sew easy knitting machine? Rosa
  6. Called my sister in SD they are expecting up to 9 inches of snow - looks like Spring is not hitting there yet - Rosa
  7. I am also having a lot of fun with my elder - she is disabled and any little thing I do she seems to appreciate - I am not much of a crafter but I can always add a little extra to my grocery cart - tea, instant apple cider, sugar free candy, crackers, kool-aid for the grand kids - Rosa
  8. I called my elder this weekend and talked to her - she said it was ten below zero - it is so cold here - and we have a furnace, I can not imagine if you don't have heat and only a kerosene heater what it must be like - if you can help in any way please do - Rosa
  9. I have not been able to post for a long time as my "internet reader" program was not working right - and as I am blind I could not hear the pages. I agree with Kitty - I love crafting for a cause - yes they help Pine Ridge but they have done so much to help their members as well - they really seem to care about each other - it is kind of a chit chatty group - but they have no rule about setting your email to read on the internet - lol - but I love getting mail so you know I get it all - We heard from our elder this week and she sent us a pair of beaded earring that she made herself - they are so beautiful - she is a grandma raising her grandchildren. I feel like I have made a very good friend - Rosa:laughroll
  10. Don't know if MR White Cloud is a Student or teacher - Mira might know -
  11. Mr White Cloud it is us that needs to thank you for allowing us this wonderful experience and the opportunity to make new friends - Rosa
  12. I have not crocheted onto the fleece - but so many times you can get a plain color much cheaper than those with designs so I am going to try it on some scrap and let you know what a super idea - and I love the idea of the magic mittens too - lol
  13. I talked with Vina at Pine Ridge this morning and she asked me to tell all of you thank you so much many of the children and adults who have received your crafting gifts did not even have a coat for winter let alone hats scarfs and mittens - when there is no hear but a kerosense heater an afhgan is a luxury - thank you for everyone at Pine Ridge
  14. Ihope you will come and join us at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CraftingForACause/?yguid=230243326 we are new and getting organized but bare with us we have all the best at heart Rosa
  15. Talked with my elder today to wish them Happy Holidays - found out my family is Catholic but belive a combination of native and christian values, and believe in caring for the earth is very important - they so appreciated the afghan I sent and some hats - she said they have only one mattress for all of them and no beds at all Rosa
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