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  1. Well I was going to do cloud from FFVII but now I'm doing a picture of Link from Zelda. I'm just gald I asked Hubby which he'd like before I started!
  2. Thanks, I'm heading over there now.
  3. Thanks for all the help! Yes I'm sure it needs to be that small. The pattern is going to show a picture at the end of it all, with each square being a specific color - kind of a paint by numbers sort of thing. I might go up to 2.5 inches and have a larger blanket. I'll go make some test squares now.
  4. I'm designing a blanket for my hubby, and it's going to be 29 by 19 squares. I think that a 2 inch square would be perfect, because that would give me 4'10" by 3'2". I haven't ever made a full blanket before, and I need a good simple pattern for the granny squares. Each one will be a solid color. I don't want to give away the full design until I'm done I promise it will be great though. Do you think 2" is a good size? And better yet do you know where I can find such a pattern?
  5. Thanks for the advice and the link! I'm going to try to work it now. Wish me luck!
  6. I've finished the first 2 rows of this bookmark, but I'm not sure what to do next. I really am a green beginner. Any advice would be great. http://www.jimsyldesign.com/~crochet/bmflower01.html
  7. It's very adorable!! Unfortunatly, I have no idea about the copywrite. You might want to try the sub-forum about selling things.
  8. that looks so adorable! I just love it.
  9. Those are both really nice! I just know they'll love them.
  10. these are amazing! I've never heard of thread booties before I saw your posts!
  11. aw! I'm just going to have to try and make some of those!
  12. that looks really nice! It'll look great for thanksgiving dinner:clap
  13. I <3 the scarecrow!! They're all adorable
  14. Mailing can be a pain in the... sometimes. But if you're shipping books, and you have more than one, then it's almost always cheeper to go media mail. I have a really good post office, and I just say "It's a book, I don't care when it get's there, and I want the cheepest" And then they tell me which way is cheepest for each thing.
  15. Minathia

    New Lapghan

    very nice! I also really liked your afghans on your site.
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