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  1. Well I finally managed to finish up the blanket and get it delivered to David! He's absolutely thrilled with it and hasn't taken it off his lap since I gave it to him. It really touched him and my mom to know that so many people were thinking of them. My little brother was also feeling very proud of his contribution, he helped me arrange the squares and somehow managed to keep the whole thing a secret for an awful long time for an eight year old boy. I couldn't have done it without all of your help. Unfortunately in the hectic process of trying to get it together quickly and having a younger helper on hand I wasn't able to keep up with who contributed which square. If you get a chance you can check out the album on my Photobucket. I've taken pictures of each square. I'd appreciate it if you'd remind me which ones you made so that I can give proper credit. http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v51/blueinsideout/Crochet/Dolphin%20Comfortghan/?albumview=slideshow But I know that you're all really here to see the pictures, so without further ado, here they are! The first picture is the whole blanket laid out on Mom and David's king sized water bed, to show the size and to show the layout. The second picture is David with his blanket. Their little dog Debbie is sitting next to him, and so is my three year old brother Dawson (not the one that helped, but approves of the whole situation ) David is on cloud nine over his blanket and has even taken it in the car with him a few times. Once again, I can't thank all of you enough for you help and kind words.
  2. Thank you so much! As soon as it comes in I'm going to figure out the layout for all of these awesome squares and start joining. I'm sure your square will be just fine. David is continuing to recover, but is still no where near 100% of course. He's been cold all the time since his surgery, so now I'm doubly glad that I decided to make him an afghan.
  3. I'm still trying to finish the afghan I'm making for my stepdad. After that I'll have some more free time to start working on fairies and the like. I did start another Baby Snow Dragon the other day, just as a way to clear my mind. Sometimes when I'm working on something big I have to take a break and work on something that you can see quick results from.
  4. I've gotten four squares in the mail so far and they're all wonderful. Thank you all so much for help. I'll take pictures of all the squares and of the assembled afghan once I get everything together.
  5. This is such a great idea. I have a ton of similar patterns in my Ravelry queue. They're all free patterns, but I think there's at least one (maybe more) that aren't in English but come with charts that don't look too hard to decipher. I'll link them here and if you want to add them to the list that's fine with me! (When there is one I'll post the off Ravelry link instead, for the people that aren't members there.) Sally's Angels These are angels, not fairies, but they're adorable. There's also several different ways to customize them to look however you want them too. Sprite on Crochet Me This little Sprite doesn't have wings, but she's still cute as a button, and if you wanted her to be more fairy than sprite adding wings wouldn't be too hard. A little baby doll Scroll down to the "Morgan" baby doll for a cute baby. Amigurumi Spider This is one for the boys! It's such a realistic spider that I'd strongly suggest against clicking on the link if you're really scared of them. I'm usually not that scared of them and it's still kind of creepy looking to me. My eight year old brother would absolutely love it though. Dragonfly By KristiMN right here on the 'Ville. Not only is this a cute pattern but you could use the wings from it to "fairy-fy" something else. Little Witch A very small and cute little witch doll. Totoro! This is such a cool pattern. I've had it bookmarked for a long time. It looks a lot like Totoro from the movie My Neighbor Totoro. Kitchen Witch Doll This is a very friendly looking witch. Kitchen witches are traditionally hung in the kitchen for good luck. I've got a couple of them that my German grandmother insisted I had when I moved out on my own. I'm so used to seeing them that I wouldn't recognize a kitchen without one. Dragon Applique A very simple dragon sillohette. Crysatal Chronicles Style Moogle this is inspired by the Final Fantasy video games. Tiny Cthulhu Proof that even Elder Gods can be small and cute. I think there's one wth wings on it too. Yet another pair of wings that could be added to a different doll. Ole Witch Hazel Another witch doll (I give my love to the not as nice fairies too.) This one is very classic witch with the green skin and hooked nose. Whatsit Is it a bunny? A mouse? A bunny-mouse? I don't know, but I know that it's really cute. Simply a Gnome and Happy Mushroom Scroll down just a little and you'll see a free patterns bar on the right with both of these patterns in it. The gnome reminds me of the Travelocity commercials, even though it's shaped much simpler. And the mushroom was just cute and happy looking. The Golden Snitch This is a small winged ball inspired by some very popular books. Mainly I linked it for the wings. They're probably my favorite pair so far that you could add to other dolls. Striped Tights Doll This is a very pretty doll that isn't a fairy at all. But it's still very pretty. Bitty Babies These are very small and cute babies. Snuzzle This itty bitty bear is really cute to start with. His little sideways smile makes him so endearing to me. I think he'd reach killer levels of cute with wings added on to make a fairy bear. Moogle Another moogle inspired by the Final Fantasy games. Fire Sprite This guy reminds me of Howl's Moving Castle, one of my favorite movies. Tospy Turvy Red Riding Hood and Grandmother doll This is so cool. The doll turns into the other doll when you flip it over and invert her skirt. The pattern used thread, but I don't see any reason that you couldn't make a much larger one by just using a different size yarn and hook. Ishtar Doll (possibly NSFW) This is a more grown up looking doll. In this picture the doll isn't clothed, but is only as realistic as the typical nekkid Barbie with her hair knotted into a pony tail that I"m sure most of you have somewhere in your house (or have at least seen at other people's houses). It's a very pretty doll that you could really do a lot with. You could even replace all those Barbies with crocheted dolls if you made her a wardrobe of some sort. I got a little link happy there and I apologise if no one made it this far. Not all of them were fairies, but I think most of them were at least fantasy related. I know they were all toys. Once I finish some of the stuff that I'm working on (comfortghan for my stepdad, he just had a bypass, and a pirate pillow for my brother that's been collecting dust for a month or two) I'll have to join in and make a couple of toys too. I love stuff like this. I hope you can use some of the links! There's a ton more toys in my queue on Ravelry if anyone that is a member there wants to browse through it. The link to my notebook is in my signature.
  6. I would never have been able to tell from the picture. I might try that on the next one. Doing that many color changes in something that's so small was a bit of a pain. I admit that I got lazy and just carried the color across the back. Those are pretty much the same colors I've been using too. Anything from teal to turquoise or somewhere in between seams to work. Besides, it's more the thought that matters than that the colors are an exact match.
  7. That's a wonderful looking square! I think we used the same pattern. I think it's great and will look awesome. I'll send you a PM with my address. Thank you so much for helping. You guys have no idea how much this means to me.
  8. He really is very lucky. Even the doctors thought it was kind of odd that all of his arteries were completely clear but the one that was blocked had a whopping 95% blockage. I'm sorry to hear about the ordeal you went through. So far the hardest part of his recovery has been convincing him to get the rest and healing that he needs, and working on diet changes of course. Thank you so much for your help.
  9. I am grateful for any pattern at all. I've got a couple of just plain old grannies in the works myself. David is home from the hospital now, so I'm trying to get the afghan together as quickly as I can so that he can have it while he recover. Whenever you can would be great. Thank you so much for the help.
  10. It's looking like David will get to come home from the hospital today. The only thing the doctor is waiting on before he discharges him is for him to take a shower on his own. They think that if anything is going to happen that will be where it happens. He's still in a lot of pain, but overall is doing well. He's going to be on a pretty strict rest for the next couple of months though. I'm planning on making the afghan 4 squares wide by 5 squares tall which means I need twenty squares total. So far there are a few in the mail (thanks again!) and I've made three and a half (started another one last night). I'm going to keep working on them of course, but if anyone out there has a moment to spare to make or send a twelve inch square I could really use the help. The colors are orange, torquoise/teal,and white. The relative theme is the Miami Dolphins, but even a plain white square would be very useful. Thanks again everyone for all of your help!
  11. I just thought I'd update here with what's been going on with David. His surgery went very well. They didn't even have to take a vein from his arm or leg for the bypass, they were able to get it from behind his sternum. One less incision to heal right? He was moved from Cardiac ICU to a room on the floor only one day after his bypass was done and has been doing a great job of staying sitting up and walking around the unit occasionally. It's looking like they might let him come home as early as tomorrow! We're all very excited both that he's doing so well and that he might get to come home so quickly. I'm still working away on squares for him whenever I get the chance. I already have three done myself, and I'm going to repeat the same three with the colors reversed. Hopefully now that things have calmed down a little I'll have more time to work on them. I'd like to thank all of you for your help. It really means a lot. This has been a very hard week for my family and it's so nice to know that people I've never even met are thinking about us and praying for us.
  12. I already sent you a PM, but I wanted to thank you for the help. David grew up in Miami and is passionate about them the way only a native can be. If I was going to make him anything it had better be Dolphin colors. :-) He's going in for his bypass this morning, sometime between 9 and 2, but more likely by 11. I'm on the way to the hospital to pick up my little brothers. We'd really be grateful if any or all of you would say an extra prayer that everything goes well.
  13. It's going to be at least until then before I'm able to get enough squares together, so that's fine. Thanks so much for the help. I'll PM you with my address.
  14. That looks great! I'm almost done with my first one. It's been hard to get a moment to crochet when I'm not at the hospital, and I can't just work on his blanket in front of him. I like the pattern a lot. I had to rework it once because I messed up on the football, but now that I've got the hang of it I really like it. I'm also going to do a couple with this square: http://www.crochetnmore.com/dolphinafghansquare.htm but I'm going to have to play around with the size a little. It says that it's 5 3/4", but it was done in sports weight. I'm probably going to do the graph part and then edge in a granny style until it's big enough. Thanks so much for your help. Every little bit helps.
  15. My stepdad is going through a bit of a medical ordeal right now. He started having chest pains on Wednesday and was taken to the hospital. Since then they have fluctuated back and forth between saying that he's having heart problems or a bleeding ulcer. He's scheduled to have a heart cath done today to see what kind of shape his heart is in. After he recovers from that he's going to have to have a GI work up and a colonoscopy. David is a hard working guy, and very much a man's man. Being so invalid right now is really hard for him. He's going to have a long recovery time, no matter what ends up being the cause, and will be spending a lot of time on bedrest. I want to make him an afghan for when he's at home recovering. I'm not looking for anything frilly or fancy here. Plain squares would probably suit him best. He's a huge football fan and loves the Miami Dolphins so I was thinking of doing squares in orange, white and teal for him (the team colors). I'm going to shoot for twelve inch squares because it only takes a few of them to make a small afghan. If any of you could help I'd really appreciate it. I'm hoping to get it done as quickly as I can so that he can have it not long after he gets home. I'm heading off to the hospital right now to be with my mom and brothers (they're only eight and three) while he's in surgery. Thanks so much for any help. -Teresa Update: David's heart cath went well, but unfortunately the results weren't good. He has a major blockage in one of the major arteries in his heart. The doctor said it was a 95% blockage. They weren't able to stint it and he's going to have open heart surgery on Monday morning for a bypass. This is a real blow to my family as he's been the only breadwinner for my mom and brothers (I live on my own). Luckily he does have short term disability insurance. The doctor's are thinking that he'll recover very well from the surgery but it's still going to be a long recovery. Also, tcandlgmom found a square pattern that has a football in the middle of it. It's at: http://crochet.about.com/library/n020505.htm. Thanks so much for posting the pattern! It's not a twelve inch square, but it wouldn't be very hard to add on a couple of rows to increase the size.
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