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  1. You could sell the pattern and donate the funds to the church of your choice, the Salvation Army to help the homeless or something such as that, it may be the reason that God gave you the talent to begin with.
  2. This sounds wise, along with their weekly 40% off coupons you could make it last for a lot longer
  3. I finished crocheting my 7th rectangle for the challenge. I still need to tuck tails and I will try to get them in the mail tomorrow.
  4. I am up to 5 rectangles made so far. I plan on making more. Right now I am really busy with family obligations, but I still plan on doing one a week and sending them the last week in March in time for the PTE
  5. I have never tried her apparel patterns. I do have the amigurumi Nativity (a gift from my daughter) I hve to make a set for each of my children for Christmas presents, and the crochet hook case pattern ( a Christmas gift) I am going to make it for a new friend if I can find the time LOL. Kim, how many patterns do you own and which ones?
  6. I challenge everyone that has replied to this thread to make one rectangle a week until March 31st. It is only like 7 rectangles and think how many it could add up to.
  7. I have a total of 24 done so far. I have been really sick and not doing much posting. I haven't given up this challenge. I will try to post more.
  8. Sorry:blush loopy1, I was just trying to help. I find using a magic ring doesn't leave a hole and I use it most of the time when I am making anything with rounds.
  9. instead of putting all those hdc's into the 2nd ch from the hook you could try a magic ring instead because when you tighten it it is sealed also
  10. I crocheted for the Green Bay Packers. I did (4) 8" squares.
  11. very pretty, I am sure she will love it.
  12. here is one too. http://www.lullabiesandlace.com/simpleteacozy.html it is a free pattern
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