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  1. Thank you! When I finished it, I thought "there, done and no more!" the more I look at it, I want another color now! Not sure I could repeat it, altho it would give me a chance to fix the mistakes!
  2. I finished this shawl today and so happy with it. No pattern, just winged it............
  3. thank you ! I use the Clover pompom maker and I also use glue! lol
  4. thank you everyone! I'll be working on for a while, I think! or till I get tired of making them!
  5. Someone gave some yarn after cleaning her stash so I thought I'd crochet hats for the school where my daughter works. I still have more yarn, I don't have a deadline so I'll just work on them when I feel like it and have for next winter, because we all know that will happen again!
  6. funnymom8


    I just finished this bunny tonight, she's really sweet. I was gifted this yarn and some other colors, thinking of making her a friend.
  7. I made myself more handles on my crochet hooks. They aren't fancy but they do the job. I wanted a set with only pink handles and the other one is a purpley and white. Apparently I only own 1 I hook, so I need to get a couple more! This is the only brand I like, with the exception of a few I got at Hobby Lobby.
  8. Thank you! Actually I have made some for gifts, one set for my future daughter in law and one set for a friend for christmas this year. I'm hoping to make more for gifts.
  9. that looks like a cute pattern, I've never felted anything (yet, crocheters can't say "never")
  10. Yes Katy! It's me! I'm still in shock! I love it!
  11. It's me, it's me!! lol I am so excited and happy to have a bag by Mary Jo! It's beautiful. This last clue just about killed me lol I didn't want to get my hopes up when I read the clues, till this last one, it's hilarious and I did not know how to respond. Sorry you all had to wait for half the day to go by but my mail lady goes by between 2 and 5. I'm going to include a picture, I know you've seen it at Mary Jo's and now you'll see how it looks in Maine! The scrubbies are adorable too, I'm hoping to make some; I've never seen some like this. Thank you again! p.s. I live a bit further than 2 hrs from Stephen Kings house in Bangor ME.
  12. funnymom8


    We have 3 grandkids here with us this week. I finished this Pikachu by bedtime for the boy! He was excited and now wants more Pokemon stuff!! Whats a Grammy to do?!
  13. I crochet using the pencil grip and they're fine for that. The clay isn't that thick around, so not too heavy.
  14. Oh my, those are so pretty. I am definitely going to try these. thank you...........
  15. Thank you! I keep wondering what else can you think of! This is adorable and I think I have that doll!
  16. This looks nice! I have a question---do you keep the dolls in these outfits and have other dolls or do you re-dress the dolls for each holiday? Are you a doll collector ?
  17. I'm not even sure if this is the place to share this. I didn't make this flag, it was given to my Step Dad when he was in the nursing home. I got it after he passed away a year ago. I think it's really pretty and appropriate for the 4th of July. (He was a Veteran and had recieved a nice quilt too)
  18. I think I have an addiction to crochet hooks, I seem to have alot of them! My new "thing" to do with them is putting polymer clay handles on them! These are some of what I've made, there's more that need pictures plus I am making some for gifts.
  19. This spring I sent a dozen Barbies with a small wardrobe each, to Kentucky or a ongoing project where they donate clothes/toys/food to the families in the Appalacians (and sorry I can't remember the name right now) I belong to a group on FB called "Dolls for Appalacians" and the ladies get dolls and sew or crochet wardrobes for them. Anyhow, I made these poncho and hat sets to go with sewn wardrobes I made. Please excuse the typos, I'm having computer issues :/
  20. I just finished this pair of potholders for my oldest Grand daughter, her bday is sunday. She likes to cook and she loves pink. Tomorrow I plan to sew an apron.
  21. beautiful pattern! Is this a new one? Are you still designing?
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