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    Married for 42 years this july and have 8 kids, 14 grandkids, 2 cats--Fiona and Martin, love to crochet and sew and collect dolls and their accessories.
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    crocheting, cross stitch, dolls, sewing
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    mom, grandma and seamstress
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    since I was a child
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    pet toys, hats, mittens, doll clothes, ornaments, toys
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  1. funnymom8

    Granny squares and chatty friends 2019

    are you collecting birthdays?? Mine is in february!
  2. funnymom8

    Granny squares and chatty friends 2019

    I tried reading the group and got a message saying I didn't have permission to see it! Is something wrong??
  3. funnymom8

    August Table 2018 Gone with the Wind

    Very pretty!
  4. funnymom8

    more crochet hooks

    I made myself more handles on my crochet hooks. They aren't fancy but they do the job. I wanted a set with only pink handles and the other one is a purpley and white. Apparently I only own 1 I hook, so I need to get a couple more! This is the only brand I like, with the exception of a few I got at Hobby Lobby.
  5. funnymom8

    Crochet hooks!!

    Thank you! Actually I have made some for gifts, one set for my future daughter in law and one set for a friend for christmas this year. I'm hoping to make more for gifts.
  6. funnymom8

    Giveaway--Felted Kitchen Helpers kit

    Thank you!
  7. funnymom8

    Giveaway--Felted Kitchen Helpers kit

    that looks like a cute pattern, I've never felted anything (yet, crocheters can't say "never")
  8. funnymom8

    C’Ville Tote #142 Once Again

    Yes Katy! It's me! I'm still in shock! I love it!
  9. funnymom8

    Blue Gingham Crochet Blanket in Spring Garden pattern

    Wow! that afghan is beautiful!
  10. funnymom8

    C’Ville Tote #142 Once Again

    It's me, it's me!! lol I am so excited and happy to have a bag by Mary Jo! It's beautiful. This last clue just about killed me lol I didn't want to get my hopes up when I read the clues, till this last one, it's hilarious and I did not know how to respond. Sorry you all had to wait for half the day to go by but my mail lady goes by between 2 and 5. I'm going to include a picture, I know you've seen it at Mary Jo's and now you'll see how it looks in Maine! The scrubbies are adorable too, I'm hoping to make some; I've never seen some like this. Thank you again! p.s. I live a bit further than 2 hrs from Stephen Kings house in Bangor ME.
  11. funnymom8


    We have 3 grandkids here with us this week. I finished this Pikachu by bedtime for the boy! He was excited and now wants more Pokemon stuff!! Whats a Grammy to do?!
  12. funnymom8

    Crochet hooks!!

    I crochet using the pencil grip and they're fine for that. The clay isn't that thick around, so not too heavy.
  13. funnymom8

    Crochet Tutorial Chamomile Coaster

    Oh my, those are so pretty. I am definitely going to try these. thank you...........
  14. Thank you! I keep wondering what else can you think of! This is adorable and I think I have that doll!
  15. funnymom8

    Aspiring Nana

    Very pretty!