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    Married for 42 years this july and have 8 kids, 14 grandkids, 2 cats--Fiona and Martin, love to crochet and sew and collect dolls and their accessories.
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    crocheting, cross stitch, dolls, sewing
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    mom, grandma and seamstress
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    since I was a child
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    pet toys, hats, mittens, doll clothes, ornaments, toys
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  1. Katy, those pumpkins are so cute. That gave me an idea to make things for the ladies at the home my Mom is in. There's less than 40 residences so I should make something for them.
  2. Checking in, late at night!! I'm crocheting (of course) and waiting for the laundry to be dried. Went to walmart to get ink for my printer that I haven't used in a year or more. Got the right ink, and now can't find the cord to connect it to my printer and the cord to plug it in. Isn't that the way?! Good thing I got a giant skein of yarn, that's my concellation (sp??) prize!!!
  3. cshort (what is your name??) I know the kids loved being here, they have alot going on. We are going to try to get them back after the corn has grown in our garden , so they can pick some. They love the garden we have. We prob won't see them for the holidays and it seems the mom won't give me her mailing address, so we won't be able to send gifts (and then she'll complain that they didn't get anything---thats the kind of stuff we have to deal with, with this family). I'd like to make my grand daughters matching doll dresses and dresses for them. Thanks on the square. I'll try to post the other squares I've made, tomorrow.
  4. these are adorable! do you make the doll size to match?
  5. I've been wanting to make myself a sampler afghan, this is my first square. I don't have a plan, just squares that I like when I see them. I just found 365 squares on youtube!! I'll be busy a while.
  6. They are fun, but the two little girls fought most of the time!! I love them so much, but now that the parents are divorced, we don't see them often, don't know when we'll see them again; I do know it won't be the holidays. The mother isn't very fond of me, only when she needs my help; but I love the kids (their dad is my son and he has stuff to work out). Kids have stressful lives sometimes. I hope we made them happy while they were here.
  7. hello, thought I'd pop in today. The grandkids went back to their mom yesterday, I am still exhausted!! I get worn out easier, these kids are so busy and the girls fought quite a bit, in between crying. All I have energy today for is crocheting and watching youtube!! I'm watching Jayda in Stitches right now and since I"m alone, I can watch it on tv. I'm working on grocery/shopping bags, and I'm almost done. We have a couple stores that don't use bags anymore Plus this cotton, when washed the colors ran, so I couldn't use it for dishcloths for gifts!!! Hope everyone is having a good afternoon!
  8. Its been a crazy week with 3 little kids here :/ I think they're going home tomorrow. I haven't had much time to crochet, but I did sneak some in! lol Hubby and I met when we were about 15, we're high school sweethearts. I graduated in '76 (him the year before) and we got married July of '76. Five years later we had our first baby; had 8 in all my last one when I was 40. It's been a long haul, it's alot of work to stay married but worth it. lol So not an exciting story, just a story. Now we're 60 and have 14 grandkids. Weird how life happens huh?
  9. It's beautiful weather here today, I'm hoping it doesn't get all hot and sticky. We are babysitting 3 grandkids this week, I sewed the girls outfits for their American Girl dolls but the boy wanted a Pikachu---but now he wants more crocheted stuff! Today is our 42 wedding anniversary but we won't be doing much, since we have 3 little ones with us---oh the sacrifices grandparents make hahahahaha
  10. We have 3 grandkids here with us this week. I finished this Pikachu by bedtime for the boy! He was excited and now wants more Pokemon stuff!! Whats a Grammy to do?!
  11. I crochet using the pencil grip and they're fine for that. The clay isn't that thick around, so not too heavy.
  12. It was a beautiful day for us too. We spent the day at my daughters' for her kids bday party and the weather was wonderful. She lives 2 hrs from us so we don't see them often. On our way we stopped at AC Moore, I was so excited to go but today I felt so sick (I have diabetes, so I never know how I'll feel); well I must've been sick because I didn't buy any yarn!!! and now I don't know when I get back there!!!
  13. I never did it either but I sure did feel bad when my mom fell wearing the slippers I made. I never made anymore for her.
  14. Katy I make these slippers: I know you're not a beginner but I wanted to let you know that this is very easy pattern. I just make notes as I go along, and they're always the same size. Also for treads, you can use those liquid puff paints. I read that if you make designs on the bottom: dots, zig zags, whatever, they make them slip proof--however, I have never done that. I hope it was ok to share this link????
  15. I'd appreciate learning some new squares.