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    I am married, but kidless, unless you count the ones I teach
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    in Yarn-lapalooza
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    crochet, beading, reading, scifi, movies
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    Molder of Minds
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    wearables, accessories, ami's
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    2000 after a hiatus from when I was taught by grandma
  1. Well I have stopped buying for myself, but man did I make some doozy purchases before I stopped!
  2. Maybe - I'm not sure I'll have the time - busy time at work...
  3. I'm thinking of making one, but not sure about the colors. I think this would be pretty in Kouigu yarn!
  4. I could never keep to this schedule! Good luck all!
  5. Sheesh - I haven't psoted in here in so long - Have no idea what my count it..
  6. I'm working on two right now, but at a standstill with them. Just don't want to work on them anymore
  7. I love this bag - I got one in a Christmas swap in red and green - using it as a Market bag now! It's great!
  8. I love this so much, but can't make it yet..
  9. This is pretty, but I'm so doing a ripple for the DH right now....
  10. Wonderful idea! Maybe homeless shelters, schools, etc..
  11. I'm destashing some books, price plus shipping price: Annie's Favorite Baby Projects Annie's Attic $5.00 hard cover Fur, Fur & more Fur Leisure Arts 3774 $2.00 Terrific Totes Andy Ashley $2.00 Fun Fashion Accessories on a Roll Annie's Attic $2.00 Fun and Fabulous Crocheted Accessories Leisure Arts 3688 $2.00 Carefree Crochet Vests Ann E. Smith $2.00 Patriotic Santa Ornaments Judy Collinshaw $2.00 plastic canvas Afghans to Crochet Jean Leinhauser $2.00 Learn to Croceht MAM Annie Way Annie Potter $2.00 Hairpin Lace Afghans Nancy Nehring $2.00 Country Afghans 2005" Woman's Own $2.00 magazine Country Afghans 2004 Woman's Own $2.00 magazine Granny's Delight Afghans Leisure Arts 75021 $2.00 small book Bernat 6 Fun Designs to Knit and Crochet Bernat $1.00 kid's stuff mainly Caron Accessories Leisure Arts 75093 $1.00 small book Rippling Effects Lesiure Arts 2761 $2.00 afghans Crocheted Headbands, Bows, and Snoods Leisure Arts $1.00 thread Holiday Home Annie's Attic $2.00 Christmas projects 3 Dozen and One Bookmarks Annie's Attic $2.00 thread Crochet Collection Leisure Arts $5.00 big book, lots of projects Never Too Many Handbags Prudence Mapstone $1.00 freeform knit and crochet Wildflowers Hot Pads and Towel Toppers Patricia Hall $2.00 McCall's Needlework June 1994 $1.00 magazine Today's Crochet Sweaters from CGOA Susan Huxley $5.00 thick book Contest Winners MAM Afghans Leisure Arts 3144 $5.00 Baby's Best to Knit and Crochet Leisre Arts 191 $1.00 bought on ebay Beaded Scarves 6 Unique Scarves to Crochet Ursula Michael $1.00 Fifty Beautiful Edgings Terry Kimbrough $2.00 thread
  12. Thank you so much to an ELF in IN. I got a box full of hats and gloves for students at my school. It's great, since it's been so cold lately. I already emailed the staff and let them know to send any student who needs a hat or gloves up to my room. Thank you so much and I absolutely love the ones with the little snowflakes on them! She also included some great holiday cards to add to my collection, as we use them in art projects...
  13. I have two thank you's: One to an elf in NC - thank you for the patterns for my Crochet Club and from Fort Worth, TX...this elf sent a huge box of yarn and hooks for my Crochet Club Thank you so much! They will be put to good use. The girls are mastering the DC over holiday break
  14. Thank you to my Mass elf. She sent some hooks and yarn for my Crochet Club. She also included some pencils and great pens for my classroom with an activity book. Bestest of all - Lindt balls, oh how I these....Thank you!! Thank you!!
  15. Dobar dan! and welcome to Crochetville!
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