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    I'm married with 3 dogs....2 english mastiffs and a fat pug!
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    crochet, garden, hike,fish
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    since 1987
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    doilies....anything with thread crochet
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  1. amberslipstitch

    Shawl Giveaway! - WINNER SELECTED!!!

    Oh I love It...Please enter me!!
  2. amberslipstitch

    baby afghan little sheep

    That is really cute!
  3. amberslipstitch

    Oink Oink

    That is too cute:hook
  4. amberslipstitch

    Hello from Missouri

    Welcome...I'm a fellow Missourian too!
  5. amberslipstitch

    Sunset "painted" doily in sewing thread

    That is beautiful! Great work!
  6. amberslipstitch

    Seeking for penfriends

    Hi...I love penpals! Pm your addy info and I will do the same!
  7. amberslipstitch

    RR hot off the hook

    I love those colors together. You did a great job. Beautiful!
  8. amberslipstitch

    Lacy Hoop Earrings - with link to pattern

    Wow! Those are really cool! Great job!
  9. amberslipstitch

    Shawl In Thread

    It's beautiful! Great job!
  10. amberslipstitch

    Wish List Thank Yous

    Thankyou so much Fairy Godmother for the awesome link and she said she would send me one of her designs....oh boy I can't wait! You made my weekend so much brighter:yes....Thank you again:hook
  11. amberslipstitch

    New in Missouri

    welcome from Plattsburg Missouri:hook
  12. amberslipstitch

    Sister's Christmas Present-afghan

    Beautiful work:hook
  13. amberslipstitch

    Another RR....!

    It's so cheerful and springlike.....great job:hook
  14. amberslipstitch

    Ridged Ripple Afghan

    Beautiful...I love your color selection:hook
  15. amberslipstitch

    Pineapple Monet

    It's beautiful. I love pineapples.....great job:hook