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    I'm married with 3 dogs....2 english mastiffs and a fat pug!
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    crochet, garden, hike,fish
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    doilies....anything with thread crochet
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    since 1987
  1. That is too cute:hook
  2. Welcome...I'm a fellow Missourian too!
  3. Hi...I love penpals! Pm your addy info and I will do the same!
  4. I love those colors together. You did a great job. Beautiful!
  5. Thankyou so much Fairy Godmother for the awesome link and she said she would send me one of her designs....oh boy I can't wait! You made my weekend so much brighter:yes....Thank you again:hook
  6. welcome from Plattsburg Missouri:hook
  7. It's so cheerful and springlike.....great job:hook
  8. Beautiful...I love your color selection:hook
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