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    I am a stay at home, primarily; but in those few spare moment I create like a mad woman.
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    Crochet and Painting/Mixed media art
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    Mom and Crafter
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    Shawls, dishcloths, scarves... items that are gauge forgiving.
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    since 1998
  1. TV.... it's pretty much always on since I have a toddler. So when she naps and goes down for the night that when I catch up on EVERYTHING.... from cleaning to to tv and, of course, my crochet and knit WIPs.
  2. How do you guys manage you time between every other thing you have to do and crochet time? How do you decide what project to work on when you have multiple WIPs? If you're a designer... when to do things for yourself and when do you do things for 'work'?
  3. So true... Luckily Mom and Dad don't have that issue, but I do... .. so no sheep for me.
  4. Thanks for the help guys! I'm going shopping next week after I get paid. My husband is going to go nuts... says I have enough yarn... is there really such a thing?
  5. I promise I'm working on it. But I think I have ADD... cause as soon as I go towards my camera something 'shiny:hook ' catched my eye.
  6. What is you favorite yarn(s) to use for baby items? I have a friend expecting her second. I really like to use a bulky or chunky weight so it'll be a quick project. But I can always you more than one strand if it's thinner. Thanks in advance.
  7. I just posted my very first pattern on my blog. It's nothing fancy, and I don't have a pic up yet. Please take a look and please let me know of any mistakes in either the finished item or in how I typed up the pattern. Thank You.
  8. I wish I had seen this sooner. Art.Craft.Dream
  9. That was actually my very first thought.
  10. Nope on my own. I don't get out much since I had my daughter and my car went DOA for a while. I've had a friend ask me to teach her, but that hasn't gotten very far since I usually only see her at work and our lives outside of that are very mismatched. My husband is impressed with what I can do, but I think he mainly humors me with my yarn obsession:yarn . My mom and such just think I'm nuts.
  11. Knit and Crocheted dishcloths.. lots of them.... it's said really that I kinda got addicted to making them, I'll probably post them for sale on etsy shop by next week or so... along with those shawls I made months ago. I've just been lazy. One of 3 shawl/poncho thingys for myself.
  12. Actually I had a dream about it last night. Kinda, really through me off. I once dreamed I had my own line of yarns... I wish that one was reality.
  13. Do you have a go to item: a) when you need to make a gift on short notice, b) that you just don't seem to grow tired of it, c) have an itch to make something and nothing else does the trick but the 'old' favorite? I was wondering about this cause I was a originally going to ask whether or not you guys had a favorite square/motif to make, but didn't want copyright issues to come up, when the thought occurred to me that I have a couple items that I just happen to make repeatedly under those above circumstances.
  14. Overhand. Sometimes I use underhand for stubborn/tight stitches to wiggle my hook in, but over hand is just so much more comfortable for me. My yarn hand tends to get sore before my hook hand , so I tend to change up my yarn holding techniques. Luckily I tend to chose gauge friendly/forgiving designs. Create, Live, Laugh, but most importantly Love. -Tiia-
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