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  1. Thanks Ladies, The blanket is made from caron simply soft and the pattern is in Leisure Arts our best Afghans AtoZ and it's the Quick and Easy choices. I'll post in the regular form once I figure out Photo Bucket better:eek. But thanks for the compliments.
  2. my very first project http://i209.photobucket.com/albums/bb173/Nettie-76/IMG_0133.jpg
  3. Sounds like you have a wonderful Grandma!!! When I buy yarn at the thrift stores I always wash it before I use it. I put each skein into a knee high nylon tie a knot at the top and throw it in the washer and dryer. I got this idea from the ville but I can't remember where or who from but it works great.
  4. My mother, my grandmother, and my great grandmother all crocheted and one taught the other but that stopped with my mother she never taught me:( so when I "grew up" I taught myself:hook but I do have some things that my great grandmother crocheted that have been passed down to me. And I love them and will cherish them always:yes.
  5. My goal for may is to finish the never ending flag afghan that I'm making for my DH to fit our KING sized bed. Hope to have it done for fathers day .
  6. Thanks, but I can't take credit it's something I learned here on the 'ville. I just can't remember who I stole the idea from but it really works great.
  7. I wash my thrift store yarn in Knee high Nylons. I put the ball or skein in and tie the top and throw it in the washer and then in the dryer just make sure that the yarn is completely dry. I've never had a problem doing it this way. Good Luck!!!
  8. Those are all great ideas. I was just in a thrift shop today and they had the crochet hooks and knitting needles in a bracelet box for display.
  9. Very Very Beautiful!!! Yes Publish it so we all can make one!
  10. I absolutely LOVE that I want one for me with the kids info on it. Very Very Beautiful!!!
  11. I wish I could tell you. But Your blankie is beautiful.
  12. The File You Are Looking For Is Inaccessible Please sign in and try again or check with the owner of the file. This is what I got. not sure how to fix it though I'm computer illiterate. Good Luck.
  13. Hello and Welcome, this is a very friendly place with people that are willing to answer your questions and help!!!
  14. It looks wonderful. It's always nice giving to people who really appreciate your work.
  15. Peanut butter chocolate or Rocky are my favorites.
  16. I really want one but haven't gotten one yet. Are they easy to use?
  17. Hi!!! Welcome, I was born in MO. but raised from three months on in CA.
  18. I really like it, super cute!!!
  19. Very nice. I love them, gonna make some people very happy.
  20. Hi and welcome hope you enjoy this board as much as I do.
  21. Love it!!! It's very pretty. I want to make one of those.
  22. Hi!!! Welcome, I was a bit scared at first too. I still don't post all that much but I really do enjoy this site.
  23. I have tons of ideas of things I want to make for Christmas but I don't have a list. I should write it all out otherwise I will forget and get all mixed up and end up only making a couple of things.
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