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  1. I searched Craigslist yesterday using "spinning" as my search word and found three spinning wheels for sale. I bought a beautiful spinning wheel for $100! Now, to learn how to use it... I got a phone number from the seller for a woman who will be willing to teach me.
  2. I also belong to Ravelry and visit it frequently, but it's not as "informational" as Crochetville.
  3. Congrats! Sounds like a celebration was in order!!!
  4. Someone in the group I stitch with some weeks was knitting eggs in wool and felting them... these could be done the same. Hers started about the same size then she felted them in the sink by hand then stuffed them while damp.
  5. I mail what I can in envelopes... and I have found them (both the bubble padded and plain) 2 for $1 at my local dollar store.
  6. Happy belated! I hit 40 three years ago, and it was kinda fun. Now I kid around and say I am celebrating the _th anniversary of my 39th b-day... hahaha!
  7. Cool bag, and the pocket idea is great!
  8. Same boat here. My kids and I were at JoAnns Sunday and saw one of the moms from my DDs class... she asked me what I was crocheting now! My reputation follows me even though I don't even show my face at the school that often! Under tons of stress lately so more WIPs than usual too.
  9. Here's my favorite. http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=61931&highlight=afghan+doily
  10. OzRebel

    baby hat

    Looking for a baby hat pattern using sock yarn... any suggestions?
  11. I have tried to knit using the continental videos on knittinghelp.com and can do the knit stitch and feel too overwhelmed to go on. I have so many crochet hooks in the fire that I really feel no time to devote to it right now either.
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