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  1. i'm from congress ohio. it's north of wooster, south of medina, east of mansfield, and west of akron. i don't think i've seen anyone on here from congress yet, unless i missed someone?????
  2. hello. i'm a mother of 2 and aunt of many and i have just restarted to crochet after 15 years. my 10 year old daughter is also starting to crochet, although i am more "into it" than she is. i only know very basic things, but made my 6- month-old niece a very cute granny square hat with a ruffle bottom(although i just used a different type of yarn for the brim, i didn't know it would be so cute!!) now, a guy at my sisters work seen a pic of it, and wants to pay me to make one for his daughter. i am going to make one for him, but for free. i'm from northern ohio, and am a stay at home mom, so i have plenty of time to crochet. yeah, right!!! at least that's what the hubby thinks.lol. thanks for being here, as i have already found some useful information.
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