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    I'm a mother of 3,married, I love horses & dogs.And I'm almost always crocheting!
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    crochet,horses,cross stitch,clay,
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    socks,ponchos,hats,purses,Stuffed ani. home decor,etc.
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  1. Angel Lady

    Wavey Ripple

    Pretty! Wish I could stick with it long enough to complete a ripple.
  2. Angel Lady

    Grandmother's Birthday Lapghan - First Post!

    Very Nicely done! Love it!
  3. Angel Lady

    pooh baby blanket

    Wow! Awesome!!
  4. Angel Lady

    Angel Afghan

    Pretty !
  5. Angel Lady

    MIss Tinkerbell

    To Cute! Those leg warmers cracked me up! Never thought of making them for a dog.. Very cool!
  6. Angel Lady

    Rosie's Funky Blue Monkey

    Very cute!!
  7. Ahh! Cute, And how nice of you, Bet they are greatly appreciated.
  8. Angel Lady

    Butterflies of Spring

    Very Nice!
  9. Angel Lady

    Deep Purple/white lapghan for chemo unit

    Very Pretty. I love this look, how do you do that? (reversible)
  10. Angel Lady

    Jack Russell Afghan for in-laws

    WOW!! Amazing!
  11. Angel Lady

    Wedding Ring Quilt

    looks great! I just started this one, is there a mistake on the octagons it says 6 ch. 2 spaces. i think you have to have 8. how many did you have? thanks for shareing!
  12. Angel Lady

    Pastel Hearts Collar

    Cute!! I too would like to see your fur baby..
  13. Angel Lady

    Easter Amis

    Too Cute!!
  14. Angel Lady

    Carlisle Carrot Bunny for my son