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    I'm a mother of 3,married, I love horses & dogs.And I'm almost always crocheting!
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    crochet,horses,cross stitch,clay,
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    socks,ponchos,hats,purses,Stuffed ani. home decor,etc.
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  1. Angel Lady

    Wavey Ripple

    Pretty! Wish I could stick with it long enough to complete a ripple.
  2. To Cute! Those leg warmers cracked me up! Never thought of making them for a dog.. Very cool!
  3. Ahh! Cute, And how nice of you, Bet they are greatly appreciated.
  4. Very Pretty. I love this look, how do you do that? (reversible)
  5. looks great! I just started this one, is there a mistake on the octagons it says 6 ch. 2 spaces. i think you have to have 8. how many did you have? thanks for shareing!
  6. Cute!! I too would like to see your fur baby..
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