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  1. Krystal - You deserve all the praise, honor & recognition that has been bestowed upon you!! You are an inspiration to me! My mama would have also told you that you'd have an extra star in your crown for this great act of compassion!! Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Krystal, I think all the ghans look great! You have done a fantastic job. You're so talented!
  3. Can't believe how fast you are!! Your hook must be smokin'!!
  4. My squares finally arrived!! Can't believe it took so long. Better late than never, I guess. Krystal, everything looks great! You are doing a great job! Thanks for doing this for Jess and her girls!
  5. Sally, Your strawberries & cream square is very pretty. I'll be watching for the pattern!
  6. Mine still hasn't made it. I mailed it Monday morning! Must take a looong time from WV!!! It's been in PA for 2 days! I just checked the tracker on it!! Can you believe that?
  7. This is so exciting! This is my first time to be part of a comfortghan, also. All the squares look great!! I put a tracker on my package and I think you should get it tomorrow. Can't wait to see the finished 'ghans!
  8. Krystal, I put 4 squares in the mail this morning with a few dollars. (coming from WV) Again, thanks for all you've done!
  9. I have my squares finished. I'm glad that I was able to help with this. Being new here, this is my first time to participate. It is unbelievable how generous and compassionate everyone is. I told my husband about this and he was so touched by everyone's outpouring. I'm proud to be part of such a caring group! Crocheters have big hearts! Krystal - thanks for organizing this. You are an:angel ! My squares will be in the mail in the morning. Here is a pic. I hope they will be fine. The top 2 are for Jess and the bottom 2 for the girls. (Some of the purple looks a little blue, but it is a prett
  10. I would like to help. I read her post last night and haven't been able to get it off my mind. I'll PM for an address.
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