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  1. Good job on the washcloths. May I ask what size they are? Thanks!
  2. I'm using RHSS Claret and Light Gray. I'll see what I can do about posting a pic.
  3. I'm jumping onboard this CAL! I finished one panel and I'm almost done with the second. This works up quick! I love it. Thank you so much for the pattern, Rose Red!
  4. Krystal, you certainly deserve the crown and sceptor for doing such a fantastic job. WTG! It's adorable as an avatar.
  5. Krystal: You've done an absolutely fantastic job on putting the afghan together. It is gorgeous!
  6. Krystal: You've done an absolutely superb job arranging all those squares. It's gorgeous! Square Makers: All of you have done a fantastic job on these beautiful squares. WTG!
  7. Krystal: As a follow-up to Andi's post, close to me....and not far from Jessie..... are Joanne's, AC Moore, Michael's.
  8. Krystal, no, I don't know Jessie personally. However, I do know that Jessie had started a request for squares for her BIL's family: http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=35971 Obviously this was back in December, but there have been updates throughout the thread. I'm pointing this out because there might be bits and pieces of info there that might be of help to you. Sending you a pm.
  9. Krystal: I will not be able to do any squares at this time, but if you need me to act as a go-between in some way or if I can provide any info, I can help. I live approx. 10 mins. from Jessi.
  10. Everyone: I've been keeping tabs on this CAL 'cause I'm interested in doing a lumberjack afghan. Every single afghan I've seen here are absolutely great! I'd like to thank everyone for the color inspiration. Hopefully in the near future I'll be making one of these.
  11. Wow, Andi! That's great if we could use the lounge in case it's rainy or too cold. I plan on posting here a go or a no-go on the meetup at my place after the Aug. 26th meetup.
  12. I'm seriously considering having a meetup at my house in Manchester in September on a Saturday or Sunday after Labor Day. My house has a small living room, but I do have a large fenced-in backyard. In fairness to everyone, I want to let you know I have two golden retreivers and one cat and I am a smoker. Let me know what you all think. If there's enough interest, I'll have this meetup.
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