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  1. I posted this pattern on my blog. Pretty easy to make. Enjoy!
  2. Hey, your best way contacting the editors of the magazines, going to their website and downloading their guidelines and emailing a picture of the pattern. About how much, i depends of the magazine, the piece (top, scarf or hat). DRG publishing just purchased a pattern from me for an upcoming hardcover book, so i'd suggest you submit to books too, not only magazines. Anyway, here is a post that may say more http://plcdesigns.blogspot.com/2005/12/making-money-with-your-craft.html http://plcdesigns.blogspot.com/2006/12/submitting-to-magazines.html
  3. This free patter is on my blog. I used caron simply soft to make it.
  4. I think is a little too colorful for a boy? maybe just blues (not yellow and green)?
  5. Beautiful, beautiful beautiful!!!!!
  6. Oh! that makes sense. Thanks for the clarification!
  7. This might be a silly question but i am intrigued, anyway. I designed this necklace, it was published in Crochet! and the pattern is for sell for $0.99 here http://www.e-patternscentral.com/crochet/detail.html?prod_id=3155&source=aalfpotd I just wonder, does e-patterncentral.com get permission from the magazine to resell patterns?
  8. Wellcome from NYC! If you ever think of visiting us send me an email.
  9. I have these at my blog. Hope you can make them and that the instructions are clear.
  10. Is there a specific board to post a topic about exchanging links? I would like to exchange links but I'm not sure where to post it:-)
  11. PLCdesigns


    My my, that is not my hand!! I bought it:-)
  12. PLCdesigns


    Merry Christmas to all! I just made these today! I forgot to mention that the pattern is at the blog
  13. This beautiful knitted/crochet bike by Theresa Honeywell is is part of an exhibition of Emergin Artist Series at the Main Gallery of the of the Summit Public Library in New Jersey. Just beautiful!!!
  14. When i saw it on the magazine i didn't think it was pretty either, but i must admit, the shot from anthropology makes it look really nice. The necklace was featured on Lucky (or was it Marie Claire) last month. I don't remember what mag because i threw it away. Anyways, he is shameless making $$ with that design!
  15. really? you emailed them? oh! i hope they don't get in trouble.
  16. I don't think they are the same designer. Maybe she copied it from the magazine and got permission to sell the item itself (not the design). But contacting buyers if you have a good design is a great idea.
  17. Do you remember this necklace from Crochet Interweave? Well, Hayden Harnett reproduced it and sells it for $120.00 Sweet, eh? http://haydenharnett.com/boutique/index.cgi?color=blk&view=front&tassel=no&action=detail&style=REESE&back=http://haydenharnett.com/boutique/index.cgi
  18. I recently came across these (make sure to scroll down to enter the gallery): http://gina_renay.blogs.com/photos/crochet_madness/index.html http://gina_renay.blogs.com/photos/crochet_fervor/index.html http://gina_renay.blogs.com/off_the_hook_awesome_croc/
  19. I got this from another forum and it is in her blog too! Catwalk Crochet will have 40, runway inspired projects for women, men and children. They'll be broken down into 4 sections: Fall Line, Winter Line, Spring Line and Summer Line (all modeled after Fashion Week). Each Line will contain 10 designs (including at least 2 men's and 1 child's), and have its own color pallet (TBA). Vickie is looking for up to 30 contributed projects (sweaters, skirts, bags, hats, etc.), modeled after shapes and styles of clothing and accessories that one might see in fashion magazines (think Betsey Johnson, Marc Jacobs, Anna Sui, etc.), and all using luxury yarns. She would like to first start by checking out sketch submissions with your ideas. Please don't feel like you need to know how to draw, even a rough pencil sketch will work as long as you include any stitch patterns and yarn types that you'd like to incorporate. These ideas can be sent via email to: submissions@vickiehowell.com or snail mail at: Vickie Howell, Inc PO Box 246, Manchaca TX 78652. Hurry!!! The deadline for submissions is February 7th. If we go forward with using your project, then the pay is $75.00-$100.00 per design(depending on the amount of work involved) plus a copy of the finished book. It's not much, but craft books have wee budgets. The finished projects will be due in early April.
  20. This new pattern is free and available at my site. Enjoy.
  21. They also have a new magazine or an extension "easy knit and crochet ideas" this is the link www.womansday.com/specials
  22. Well, this is anothe one to send designs to.
  23. Availabe at my website. More coming soon!
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