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  1. this is a wonderful pattern! cant wait to try it, thanks for sharing
  2. oh! were you able to see her pictures? :O i thought no one could!!! i cant see them anymore. :/
  3. what ever happened to Off The Chain? i used to go to her website and look at all the wonderful creations she had. but i had lost her website a few years back until today. and now i am sad to see that she no longer seems to post and most of her pictures are gone now too. does anyone know what happened to her? :/
  4. thank you, i've been reading a lot around here, i am slowly getting back into it, i was so confused at the beginning, it's been so long, but it is so nice to be back
  5. ok, i am posting mine too. i've been busy keeping it up lately. i hope you guys like it
  6. you guys are very sweet thankyou it's nice to be back!
  7. uhm, it's been a long time since i've been here. i kind of gave up on crocheting for a while. i was busy having my third, fourth and fifth child. been kind of hectic for me lately. uhm, uuf, my hands are full. my husband just joined the national guard again. and he'll be deploying in a little over a year. i am actually pretty calm about it. i support him and what he is doing for our country. but i think i'll be hanging out here with you guys. you've always been so nice to me. it will be good to get back to crocheting to keep my mind off other things. crochet will save me during the hard times i look forward to meeting you all again. uuf, sorry, i had to vent a little i think. i have a blog for this kind of venting >.< this post got too long >.< i just wanted to say "i'm here!" lol
  8. lololol. my kids always referred to my nursing the babies as "mommy's milk buttons" lolololol
  9. you know dr. laura's song "she's got a new attitude" , well, i heard a kid once say that dr. laura has tattoos... "she's got a new tattoo"! lololol.
  10. was wondering if anyone else has suffered from "head eggs" ? you know, that terrible pain that one gets... something like a headache?
  11. you guys this is so funny, lol. my oldest, now seven, used to ask me to make her "burnt eggs" (sunny side up) because the cooked ones were the hard boiled ones.
  12. so here i am. sitting on the couch crocheting a hat for myself. i've made a lot for my kids, but this one is for me. so my 5 year old comes close to me and watches what i am doing. i have been crocheting for longer than any of my kids have been alive. so it's not a new thing that i am sitting down with my hooks or needles (i love knitting too) when all of the sudden she says to me "mom, can you teach me your "needleling"? yes ladies, it's official. i will never be reffered to as a crocheter. i am officially a "needleler"!
  13. lovingmommy

    My American Flag

    omg, my hubby would love one of those. very lovely.
  14. they look so warm!!! very nice work!
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