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    SXE means straight edge, not sexy. Although I am sexy, too. haha happily married, foster parent
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    crochet, reading, game boy (lol), occasional scrapbooking
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    Real Estate Agent & REALTOR
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    baby items and stuff I can give away
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    since about 1987 but I just got addicted in the last couple years
  1. Can anyone recommend a fast pattern for a long sleeve cardigant or bolero for a toddler/small child? But not a shrug, it needs to have some kind of front to it. I needed sizes 2T-3T I need a fairly quick pattern - not all sc! If I end up making these, I'll need to finish 5 sweaters in less than 3 weeks. I really thought we'd easily find what we need once the fall clothes hit the stores! Now we have less than three weeks to my sister's wedding and flower girls have sleeveless dresses for the outdoor ceremony! Panic anyone?? LOL I don't care if the pattern is free or paid. Thanks!
  2. I am looking for the Crochet Today from May/June 2010. Specifically I want the double wedding ring pattern. If you have an issue you're willing to sell please let me know!
  3. If you want something for a baby or small child this pattern is super easy to follow. This pattern is an open front cardigan but I have modified it by joining the rounds after a few rows to make it a closed front. It's a really well written pattern that adjusts easily by adding stitches for bigger sizes. http://susan.kraus.net/pages/pattern4.html
  4. I like a traditional patter, too I like to copy my patterns into word and then make the pictures smaller and the words bigger. It's just a visual change but it often helps me follow along better. And maybe use some stash yarn or a really cheap skein of yarn to practice it a bit before you buy a bunch in the color you like. Good luck, it's a very pretty sweater!
  5. How cute!! My daughter LOVES dinosaurs and I am so excited to use this pattern for her. I'm thinking a cute green dino on a pretty pink sweater Thank you!!
  6. How beautiful! If anyone is able to translate I would love to make one! The site that jrnylst posted is very helpful but there was still a lot I didn't understand. Admin Note: Unfortunately, copyright law will not allow anyone other than the designer/copyright owner of the pattern can distribute/authorize a translation. While members her can make a translation for their personal use, they cannot share with other members via post, private message, email, or any other method. For those who would like a translation, the best bet is to contact the designer and indicate your interest. Perhaps they'll decide to make one available.
  7. Wow, I just had to chime in and thank you for posting the question. I have never seen that stitch and I am now so excited to try it. Etsy here I come
  8. Was it an online pattern? I know Candy Jensen has some patterns like that but I've only seen them in her books. I am pretty sure that her Candy Crochet book has at least 2 like that. My books are still packed from my move in July(!) so I didn't actually check the title but I'm pretty sure that's the right book.
  9. ShellySXE


    I go to Michael's, AC Moore, and Jo Ann's. There are always 40-50% coupons available and Michael's and AC Moore will take competitor coupons. Not sure if Jo Ann's does but Jo Ann's does let you use 3 coupons at a time! I also check Walmart but a lot of them have reduced the size of the craft section and mine doesn't have much of a selection. And their yarn prices, at least in my area, aren't much different than the craft stores. In my old town the Walmart still had a wonderful craft section. I miss it! Search online for coupons. I really like this site for coupons http://printable-coupons.blogspot.com/ and I check it before I shop anywhere. Just make sure you read the whole thing b/c some of them are expired. I have saved a TON of money using this site. I probably saved over $200 at Christmas using coupons from this site. The craft store coupons are in the retail section.
  10. I love the angel, the nativity set, and your blog! Thank you for sharing!
  11. Wow, that is so very cool! I am going to go get the yarn for it today. My son and all my nephews will love to have this! Thank you for sharing!
  12. Hey Hampton Roads crocheters! We have a great stitch group that meets on both sides of the water! Check us out on Yahoo Groups: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HamptonRoadsSnB/ Or feel free to message me for more info!
  13. I love love love Anne with and E! And your dress is gorgeous. I "got it" as soon as I saw the picture I've always wanted a daughter named Cordelia Anne in her honor but I think my husband will veto that! We're expecting a boy right now so it's not an issue yet. I want to go buy a doll just so I can make this dress!! AWESOME!!! And now I want to dig out my books, too
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