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  1. Thanks so much to my FGM from FL (not sure if we're supposed to tell who on here) What a wonderful surprise in the mail to get a beautiful crochet bag and an amazing hook that I can't wait to find a project for! Was actually waiting for a boring old keyboard when I got my package. Thanks so much you certainly made my day
  2. I'm about 1/2 way done.. should have pics by tomorrow.
  3. I would give it to my mother. We live 3 hours apart now but always find time to craft together every couple months and this would really help her out.
  4. I would love to test this for you. Will be a first for the solomon's knot for me but I'm sure I can muddle it through. Done alot of testing in the past though its been awhile. I'll pm you my email address if you're still interested.
  5. I'm thinking of purchasing the 6pt round ripple from Annie's Attic http://www.anniesattic.com/detail.html?prod_id=22829 Can someone who has this pattern please let me know what quantities of yarn are required? Trying to stash bust so I'd like to be sure I have enough. Thanks in advance.
  6. Wow, this post is over a year old now. Sorry it was for last years big brother and as you can see it was a bust, not one response until now. Maybe when this summers BB comes out I'll try again.
  7. Back from Vegas, had a great trip even though it was cold there. Now to get caught up....
  8. I loved this weeks pattern! Very different from the snowflakes that I usually do but beautiful none the less. I will definetely be doing all of the snowflakes on the page. Can't take pics of any done so far... We have friends visiting from Britian and I'm sending all the snowflakes completed so far with them as a reminder of us here in Canada. A little snow from here
  9. Glad to see I wasn't the only one who did this! Got mine done for this week and one of them also has 5 points... ooopsy. Still need to take pics of last weeks. Lazy lazy this week.
  10. Finished my snowflakes for this week. Will post pic's later on. Great pattern this week, easy to follow. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Did this weeks snowflake with a sparkly white fleck thread and a while with gold thread. Great pattern! Could be a better pic though
  12. All the snowflakes look lovely! Here's my two for the week: The bigger is done with baby yarn and the smaller with #10 thread. No more baby yarn so all will be thread from here.
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