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  1. Yes, they changed their sizing a couple of years ago. They added a size 7 between the G & H, I think. I don't have my hooks handy to check. That's why I prefer to buy hooks by the mm size.
  2. The charts seem to be primarily for the color pattern of the panels. I didn't look at the PDF, so there may be more there than what they put on the page. I would read all the directions completely before starting. And I would make sure I knew how to do the embroidery stitches. Otherwise, this looks to be single crochet.
  3. Someone here in the 'ville a while back did some test knitting and crocheting to see which used less yarn. And surprisingly, under certain conditions, crochet won! But that's about all I remember. Earlier this year I joined a kal on ravelry: a shawl based on "Around the World in 80 Days." and being OCD I started not one .... But 3 of them. as I love to upscale thread patterns to worsted weight, I have one in Vanna's Choice. I have another in lace weight merino. And the third is in crochet thread and I started it on toothpicks! I'm having a ball! With all kinds of options regarding beads and nupps, each one is entirely unique in which techniques are used. I'm also playing along in a CAL there as well, making a couple of 12" squares a month to have an afghan by the end of the year. But I'm about 4 months behind on it. If you're on Ravelry you can see most of them on my project page.
  4. Welcome to the 'ville from Ruth in East Texas!
  5. Welcome to the 'ville from Ruth in East Texas!
  6. Welcome to the 'ville from Ruth in Longview!
  7. Welcome to the 'ville from Ruth in Longview!
  8. Welcome to the 'ville from Ruth in East Texas!
  9. Welcome to the 'ville from Ruth in Longview!
  10. I've used this yarn often for shawls. And I hated it at first, but with use, adjusted to it. Learning how to 'feel' for the stitches helped tremendously. Although I seldom use Bates' hooks, they have a line 'Quicksilver', I think, size L, that works real well with it. I've also successfully used a Brittany hook, also size L, I think. Recently I used this yarn for a clapochet shawl. The way the pattern brought out the color changes in the yarn was almost breathtaking. Friends who'd watched me work on the shawl were amazed when I laid it out, and they saw the beautiful colors. It takes some getting used to, but definitely is worth it.
  11. adagio

    Clapochet help

    My bad. I don't do the chain 4. I chain 3, then do a linked treble to it. Then the other two trebles. The pattern, as written, treats the chain 4 as a treble, so there ARE 3 trebles there! Sorry if I confused you further. But you saw what I meant about overlooking those chain spaces in row 2. Keep your eye on those spots throughout the shawl, as it can trip you up every other row.
  12. adagio

    Clapochet help

    I'm making my second one of these. It is real easy to miss a stitch. I've found that on the odd number rows, trebles all the way across, they begin with 3 trebles in the first stitch, then a treble in each treble and chain across. I often miss that first chain space after the three tr in the first stitch. Hope this helps.
  13. the only serious suggestion I have is row counters. I find them handy. but if you're really ocd, get every hook available by about a half dozen manufacturers in acrylic, bamboo, wood, and whatever the latest spaceage technology wonder material is! And a few just because you like the color! or the shape! or the material! Otherwise, you are well set for almost any crochet challenge!
  14. you can get zippered pillow protectors at stores like WalMart. I use a very large one (for body pillows) to wash afghans in.
  15. Some may have a better answer, but here's what I'd do, assuming you have an existing pattern you want to modify: I'd look at how many stitches it takes to do one repeat in the existing pattern. I'd also take into account how the valley is done: are stitches skipped, or crocheted together? How are the peaks done? There is a balance between the peaks (where the increases usually occur) and the valleys (where decreases are usually done). This balance is what keeps the shape under control. Hope this helps.
  16. Lion Brand makes some that I absolutely love. I also have some of the clover brand, the ones like safety pins. they are good, too. and i've used bobby pins a lot, too. I use them to keep track of how many rows/rounds i've done. marking specific areas for pattern repeats. Marking the first & last stitches in a row/round. making the right number in the starting chain. I also slip one on the skien of yarn I'm using to slip into the active loop when I have to put my hook down.
  17. I've done an occassional round of sc in a rr. Wonderful way to add a small accent of color. and it actually seems to help keep the points pointy. I've tried doing hdc in a round ripple, but didn't like the outcome very well. it seemed to be biased, and caused the points to curve (to the right, I think it was).
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    Welcome to the 'ville from Ruth in East Texas!
  19. Welcome to the 'ville from Ruth in East Texas!
  20. Welcome to the 'ville from Ruth in East Texas!
  21. I figure there are two ways to do things, and those aren't necessarily a 'right' and a 'wrong' way. One is 'the way that works' and the other is 'the way that doesn't work'. If the way that works results in the desired outcome, what difference does it matter? If you watch a dozen crocheters, you'll see a dozen different ways to hold your yarn, and hold your hook. Why should knitting be any different? In my recent relearning of knitting, I've been amazed at the different methods of holding the yarn, purl methods, casting on, etc. But what has really made this exciting for me is discovering that circular needles are easier to manipulate than straight needles. Which is giving me new hope that I might be able to do tunisian crochet again, using flexible crochet hooks. I guess what I'm trying to say, is keep trying. If the 'official' methods don't work for you, try for something that gives the same results. And then try again.
  22. yeah, I had a caron pounder that I wanted to make into a shawl, but it just didn't want to cooperate. so it sat in my stash for a couple of years. When I was looking for some yarn to knit a simple baby blanket, out it jumped, and it's doing just fine now!
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