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  1. anyone out there joined in?? omg...lucy of the attic SO SO SO inspires me!! I love all the gorgeous mandalas she has made and received... im practicing with several patterns...if you have any easy ones to share..id be grateful as always!! hugs
  2. when I say working in the round...im referring to making things like mandalas where the colors change every row or so...ive searched and searched online tutorials, but none seem to show me what I want. after I complete 1 round....slip stitch with same color WHERE??? then...to change a color. start new color with slip knot and start where?? do these questions make sense?? its hard to ask crochet questions when what I really really need is a warm body right beside me..then I could get it.. any idea of pointing me in the right direction??
  3. can you clarify on the pattern??
  4. i received approx. 40 skeins of Stylecraft DK yarn (type Lucy of the Attic used) . it is delicious but i did not realize it was a "thinner" type yarn...yes, perfect for many projects...however, for my liking i HAVE to use thicker...if anyone would like some or all please let me know. i will certainly give you an major discounted price!!
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    drivin me NUTS!

    for almost 2+ years ive struggled with crocheting in the round. yes...looked at tons of websites, tutorials, etc...BUT just cant get the part when it says to JOIN rounds??? ok...do u join under 1 loop of top chain...both loops....or go to next full stitch to join??? i absolutely despise that "obvious" seam line! i need some hands on crocheters for help! there has to be some general rule of thumb with this process. thanks thanks...hugs hugs
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    Oh we'll...I tried
  7. dwiggicb


    My Lucy bag AGAIN
  8. I'm soo addicted to this talented lady...her blog is soo fascinating to read..SHE INSPIRES ME!
  9. can u actually "machine sew" crochet?? talking about sewing handles to purses...
  10. dwiggicb


    cud someone give me some ideas on handles for purses, totes? i just do not like the crocheted ones cus they do not hold their shape & stretch out. i don't care for the hard wooded ones either. some type of webbing or roping?? any ideas wud be GREATLY appreciated!
  11. thank goodness im not ONLY one who is having trouble with this!! gee???
  12. think i may be "hooked" on this one!
  13. love it!! i, too am makin 2 of her ripples and have also made 2 of her bags. her colors are what GRAB me!
  14. yes, mabe that's the problem. i don't notice the joining ridge when working with 1 color, but just not near as pretty!
  15. been making several totes using the easy peasy pattern and the totes that have the handle made within the tote. anyway, prob. is that those side seams (where u join or join new color) end up not actually on the side of the bag so it shows! i can't seem to understand. my patterns call for joining with a sl st, ch1, turn and begin round again. any help would be greatly appreciated!
  16. whenever my pattern calls for 2 strand yarn, my hands & wrists really hurt! i've just about decided to stay away from this. just wondering if anyone else has this problem?
  17. yes, THR is total hip replacement. this nerve thing happened during surgery, which was 3 months ago and i still can not walk without a walker!! the dr says nerve repair takes a LONG time, mabe even 6 months or more and even then, there may be some damage. crocheting and prayer are my only saving graces!
  18. this is somewhat crochet related, because i have been diagnosed with this after THR and crocheting is the ONLY thing that keeps me sane!! has ANYONE ever heard of this????
  19. my vote is definetely for the "angel wings"....it works up fast and is VERY pretty!!
  20. love it, love it, LOVE it!! i made one because u inspired me for my granddaughter and one for her baby doll, too!! thanks for the inspiration!
  21. very pretty...i just LOVE this pattern
  22. yea i know i can use pics of my own projects, but i want pics of mabe women actually crocheting, or something else that has to do with crochet, mabe crochet hooks, yarn, etc??? may end up just making up my own
  23. sorry, about the pics being so BIG!! that photobucket stuff drives me nuts! the first one was from the "gentle waves" round ripple pattern done with Vanna's Choice yarn (omegosh, LOVE that yarn!) in pea green, terracotta, and white the second one is the regular rr made with Vanna's choice in pea green true taupe and linen (it matches my new decor in my den)
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