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    1st learned in 60's but only picked it back up last year
  1. anyone out there joined in?? omg...lucy of the attic SO SO SO inspires me!! I love all the gorgeous mandalas she has made and received... im practicing with several patterns...if you have any easy ones to share..id be grateful as always!! hugs
  2. when I say working in the round...im referring to making things like mandalas where the colors change every row or so...ive searched and searched online tutorials, but none seem to show me what I want. after I complete 1 round....slip stitch with same color WHERE??? then...to change a color. start new color with slip knot and start where?? do these questions make sense?? its hard to ask crochet questions when what I really really need is a warm body right beside me..then I could get it.. any idea of pointing me in the right direction??
  3. can you clarify on the pattern??
  4. yes i will pay the shippping...and YES i loved the color names too!! im still so aggravated that i cant use it...ive waited forever for this yarn.. from now on im going to LEARN MY LESSON and NOT buy TONS until i KNOW!! lol i must say....it gives me great comfy pleasure just looking at it...does that sound "corny"??? haha
  5. yes i can do that tomorrow...and yes most of the colors are from the "lucy pack" plus more magentax3 bluebellx2 aspenx2 jaffax2 bright pinkx2 plumx2 pomegranitex2 saffronx2 creamx2 spring greenx2 lavendarx2 emporer fondant wisteria parchment shrimp lipstick turquoise clemantis silver candy floss raspberry matador green aster cirton. you can also go on demores website and see these colors... i paid 116.38 for all of this....you can have for 75.00...does that sound fair??? just let me know
  6. oh my...a bunch... do u want me to list them
  7. just received some 40 skeins of Sylecraft DK yarn (kind Lucy of the Attic used) and i can NOT use it..its absolutely delicious, but i didnt realize it was a "thinner type" yarn and i simply can not crochet with that type. so if ANYONE is interested,,let me know...i'll certainly give you a discounted price!! thanks cynthia
  8. i received approx. 40 skeins of Stylecraft DK yarn (type Lucy of the Attic used) . it is delicious but i did not realize it was a "thinner" type yarn...yes, perfect for many projects...however, for my liking i HAVE to use thicker...if anyone would like some or all please let me know. i will certainly give you an major discounted price!!
  9. dwiggicb

    drivin me NUTS!

    for almost 2+ years ive struggled with crocheting in the round. yes...looked at tons of websites, tutorials, etc...BUT just cant get the part when it says to JOIN rounds??? ok...do u join under 1 loop of top chain...both loops....or go to next full stitch to join??? i absolutely despise that "obvious" seam line! i need some hands on crocheters for help! there has to be some general rule of thumb with this process. thanks thanks...hugs hugs
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    Oh we'll...I tried
  11. dwiggicb


    My Lucy bag AGAIN
  12. I'm soo addicted to this talented lady...her blog is soo fascinating to read..SHE INSPIRES ME!
  13. i couldnt find any discount on rav??
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