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  1. Hello, I need some help. Normally I crochet afghans in one piece. However, when it comes to whipstitching...I'm at a loss as to what kind of needle to use. My mom said it should be a yarn needle??? Is there such a thing? I went to Michael's earlier and couldn't find this so-called "yarn needle." I've tried whipstitching with a hook, but don't like the way it looks. So, if anyone could help me, that'd be great. Thanks! Aimee
  2. Hello! It's nice to meet someone else that likes to crochet for the fur babies. So, count me in. I usually crochet snuggles with the diagonal box stitch. I haven't tried making the kitty beds. Anyway, I don't have any pics to show. The past couple weeks I've been slacking...stress at work and just been tired...plus, I didn't know of anyone else that crocheted for the same cause that I did. But now that I do, maybe we can keep each other motivated to keep on . Aimee
  3. Hey, guys... I'm familiar with the basic use of the diagonal box stitch...meaning I know how to make a square blanket out of it. However, I for the life of me can't figure out how to increase the amount of rows while maintaining the length in order to acheive a rectangular blanket. I'm more of a visual person, but haven't had any luck finding a video on you tube to show me how to do this. The tutorial that I used over at Crochet Cabana to learn this stitch has written instructions on how to do this...at least I think they do...but they're about as clear as mud to me. So, if anyone could help by making me a brief video on how to do this or point me in a direction of a video already made showing me how to do this or even write instructions for me in the simplest terms on how to do this, I'd appreciate it so much. Thanks everyone, Aimee
  4. Welcome, Petfaery! This CAL is still open. I've been consistently working on making snuggles since I've opened this CAL...just been bad about taking photos and sharing. The pattern I've been using to make mine is with the Diagonal Box stitch. It goes pretty fast and is a nice, solid stitch. I increase 21 rows, then start decreasing each row thereafter.
  5. Is anyone around the Ventura, CA area?
  6. Let's see....I crochet for about a half hour before I start work, when I get home from work in the evening, I'll crochet in the bedroom while watching TV while DH watches TV in the living room, and at least a few hours a day on the weekends...or weekends have been known to turn into marathon crocheting sessions. lol. Aimee
  7. Great pattern, Darski! This is one I'm going to have to do very soon... Aimee
  8. Not sure if I'm the only one that does this or not, but most of the time I crochet is when my fav tv shows are on. So, I was thinking that we could do a CAL where you crochet during the time you watch tv. It could be any project(s) depending how many show(s) you watch. Or if you watch multiple shows, you could just work on 1 project until it's completed, then start another project. Anyway, if anyone is interested in this...let me know. Or if this sounds totally lame, just pretend like you didn't see this post. lol. Aimee
  9. This is why I refuse to crochet anything for certain people, because I know that whatever I give to them will end up in a cupboard and continue to stay in that same spot for years to come. Perhaps this is part of the reason why I started making "snuggles" for my local animal shelter. I know whatever I make will get used and offer comfort to those who truly need it.
  10. Does anyone have suggestions for an afghan using just varigated yarn?
  11. I'm taking a break from this yarn. I thought I'd gotten the hang of it, but I guess I didn't use a big enough hook (was using a K) and seeing the stitches were a challenge to say the least.
  12. I've been playing with it...trying to get used to the yarn and have tried a couple different patterns. I was going to do an afghan in all sc, but I wasn't liking the way it looked. I tried a shell pattern, but I didn't make my chains loose enough, so it was a pain to try to fit 5 dcs in one ch. Finally, I decided I would try to stick to what I originally bought it for...Snuggles for the animal shelter. I started one yesterday morning...Ch 45 and then do sc, dc, sc, dc, etc...pretty simple, but should be nice and warm and so soft. I think one of these days I might try a bigger project with it, but for now...I just want to get used to working with the yarn.
  13. Today I went to Michael's and I bought some Homespun. It was on sale...and I just couldn't resist. Anyway, I haven't ever worked with Homespun before and was hoping someone...anyone...might have some tips as to how to work with this yarn. Thanks! Aimee
  14. Welcome, Lynn! This thread is still open...I started another snuggle yesterday. I need to go to the shelter next weekend. I have a batch of about 7 or 8 ready. Aimee
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