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    small projects that don't take me a year to finish - i get bored easily
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  1. My baby got a knit hoodie as a present and I really like it but it will soon be too small for her. I would really like to find a crochet pattern for a hoodie to make for her in a 12 month size preferably without zippers or buttons. I found one with a zipper that I started making, but I made a mistake and before I take it apart and fix it, I thought I would ask if there is anything else. Anyone know of any? TIA
  2. We just moved and instead of buying a rug for the doorway, I decided to make one with some yarn scraps I had. I just laid it down to check the size and it is very slippery. What can I do to make my rug not slip? TIA
  3. kmeiding

    Small pouch

    I decided to buy necklaces for my bridesmaids and thought that it would be a good idea to make a small pouch for them to keep them in. I could make it out of yarn or thread. Would I have to line the pouch? Does anyone know of a nice pattern I could use? Thanks.
  4. I will try to join in when I can. I think it would be great to have lots of snowflakes for my Christmas tree. I'll try to do two a week maybe during my lunch hour until I catch up.
  5. I hold my hook like a knife and prefer to use bigger hooks because they fit in my hand better. So for me, yarn is better, but I do like working with thread, too. I have noticed that thicker yarns are harder to work with and sometimes make my hand hurt. Maybe the difference for some of us is how much work we have to do to work with the yarn and thicker and less flexible yarns like Peaches and Cream hurt more to work with.
  6. I've never had anyone say that to me. I have crocheted during classes and other places around campus. If anyone says anything, they think it's cool and I wouldn't care if anyone said anything against it. My fiance never says anything bad about it either (unless it's about me not finishing projects).
  7. I got a card in the mail yesterday. Thanks so much! I really enjoy getting mail.
  8. I got mail this weekend! An elf sent me a Christmas card. I was excited that I got mail for once! Thanks!
  9. Thanks to the elf who sent me a card and a pretty bookmark. I love getting mail!
  10. I can count 5 projects started this summer that aren't finished yet. There's more that I started before this summer that aren't finished either.
  11. 1. Wooden hooks of any size 2. Clover Soft Touch hooks of any size, including thread hooks 3. lighted hooks larger than G 4. Angels 5. Christmas cards 6. yarn and thread - any color, any kind 7. scrapbooking supplies 8. wedding tips - getting married in May!! 9. Surprise me! Happy Holidays everyone!
  12. you could chain your handle, slip stitch into the stitch to connect it, and then slip stitch or single crochet back through each chain
  13. Last year, my grandma got a doily, my mom got slippers, my sister got things for graduation and Christmas: a stuffed duck, dishcloths, and a cell phone holder. I have no idea what i'm making for presents this year. Dad wants some slippers like I made for mom, but I haven't made them yet.
  14. When I went over new years last year, i brought childs scissors that had rounded tips. The airline's website will tell you what you cannot take on the plane with you.
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