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  1. She loved it! It's very nice and looks perfect on the couches in the living room!
  2. I was thinking I wanted to do something with a lot of colors for my first big project. This is just beautiful! The colors are so beautiful.
  3. My sister (right above me, orangetulipgarden, LOL) is currently getting me started!
  4. Righty! But I do a lot of things with a lefty flair... when I'm stepping out to serve, etc. in sports, I have to step out with my right foot, etc. Coaches hated me for that one, but a lot of things I can't do righty like that - I lose my balance! My sister (orangetulipgarden) is the only lefty in our family, and I think I might have been meant to be! lol
  5. I'm a part-time cashier at Noodles and Company (a fast-casual pasta-salad-soup place) and a full-time student!
  6. Hey everyone! I just joined per the referral of my sister since she's currently teaching me how to crochet! I'm very excited to learn and I can't wait to get active here at the forum! My name is Sarah, I am recently 20 years old, and I live in upper Illinois in the United States. I also love photography, movies, cross stitch, writing, being online, being with family and friends and my job as a cashier at a restaurant! I look forward to chatting with all of you! Sarah
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