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  1. Didn't do as much crocheting this week. Been really busy. Did manage to finish one more skein of cotton. So my score for this week is WTD: +4 (YTD: +23)
  2. That is so beautiful! Love your version of it. It's so delicate looking. And the ribbons were a nice touch.
  3. Those are so very adorable! Love the little flower motif on the pink one! Just too cute!
  4. Isabel

    I've been busy

    Wow you HAVE been busy! They're all gorgeous. I really like the scrap one in the diamond shapes. Such an interesting effect! I know the people who receive these will be so thrilled. Awesome job!
  5. He's so adorable. Elephants have always been my favorite. I think he looks wonderful. And the little ball is a cute touch, too.
  6. Isabel

    Thread bear

    Oh, she's such a cute little bear! She looks perfect. I think you did a great job.
  7. Way to go krazykitty! Awesome job! And cool hat, Jura. I the texture! I finished up one skein last night making granny's daughters. +2 for me.
  8. Wow that is absolutely gorgeous! I love the texture. You did a great job. :cheerSorry you didn't enjoy the pattern but it's a really lovely blanket. I think this one will go on my WIM list too. Thanks for posting.
  9. Awesome afghan. the color combination and the layout of the squares. It's going for such a good cause, too.
  10. I like the idea of a ytd posting, too. I've been keeping a tally in my crochet journal just for myself... to keep me motivated. But it would be really cool to see how I'm doing compared to everyone else. As long as it wouldn't be to much trouble for you.
  11. Thanks krazy-kitty and darski. I really enjoyed doing it. Would really love to see pics of yours when you get a chance, krazykitty. Off to plan my next one.
  12. Yah! I finally finished the MAM ghan I was doing for my spring collection! :jumpyayOne down, eight more to go.
  13. WooHoo! A Silver Metal! I can't believe it! And great job on all the positive scores everyone.
  14. My score for this week is +19 Since my last update I've: *Started frogging a UFO ghan that I decided I no longer liked, gaining 4 balls (-4) *Used 2 RH skeins and 5 balls on MAM ghan (+9) *Used 1 RH ball making yoyos (+1) *And used 4 Sugar n Cream skeins make potholders for gifts (+8)
  15. That is such a cool idea! I'll have to try that. It's so hard for me to tell if I'll like the square from the pattern pic, too. I'm always trying and frogging two or three different ones until I find one that will work for the project I'm currently working on. This would save me so much time in the long run. Definitely want to try this! Thanks so much for sharing such a wonderful idea. Oh, and !
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