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  1. Easily add a crocheted edging to fleece, towels, tablecloths, etc. using the EdgeryDoo Templates. You can also use the square templates to create a fleece quilt. Take a look at EdgeryDoo.com
  2. This afghan was made with 1-1/2 yards of fleece. I used the EdgeryDoo and it will go to Project Linus.
  3. This afghan was made using the EdgeryDoo 6 inch template. It measures 47x60inches and was made using 63 6-inch fleece squares. It will be perfect for a teen boy for Project Linus.
  4. This monkey fleece blanket was made using the EdgeryDoo 001K template, 1-1/2 yards of fleece and Caron Simply Soft yarn. This one will also go to Project Linus.
  5. This is a "ducky" quilt that I made for Project Linus. I made it using the EdgeryDoo 10 inch square template. It is a good way to use up fleece scraps.
  6. A pretty "cow" fleece blanket made with the EdgeryDoo squares.
  7. Another EdgeryDoo quilt for Project Linus ... NW Atlanta Chapter. Great way to use up fleece scraps.
  8. This is a quilt that I made for Project Linus. I used the 10-inch EdgeryDoo square template. The fleece was actually first made into a tied fleece blanket but the knots were tied so tightly that the whole thing looked more like a bowl than a blanket. So ... not to waste ... I turned it into this quilt.
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    Hello and Welcome from your neighbor in Georgia
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    New in NC!

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    Hi From Canada!

    Hello and Welcome. Congratulations on learning to crochet. You will be doing it for years and years to come and your family will cherish every one of your projects.
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    Hello from CGW Joanita

    Hello Joanita and Welcome to the Ville. You will love it here.
  14. I made this fleece and crochet blanket for my Girlfriend's birthday (ssshhh don't tell). I used the EdgeryDoo 001 template, 2 yards of fleece and Caron Simply Soft yarn.
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    Hello from Mystic Island, NJ

    Hello and Welcome from Georgia