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  1. Shelly, Love the dress and blanket. Great job! For those of you looking for the pattern, I found it here. Scroll down the page. http://www.freewebs.com/kandres/myfreepatterns.htm There are other really cute patterns there too.
  2. Cindy, your bag is lovely. Very elegant looking with the gold chain and pretty button. I love the color too. Great ling fabric also. You might try velcro for the closure or a small snap.
  3. I came here earlier to see if anyone knew why no free pattern was offered at Annie's Attic...found the answer, thank you AMY! Now, after giving my name, address, first born and my right arm, I'm signed up at the new site. (already received half a dozen or so emails and goodness knows how much snail mail will start coming in) After looking through a few of the patterns it seems that they are the same patterns offered at freepatterns.com...I'm disappointed. Oh well, at least we will still get a free pattern a day.
  4. Very pretty scarf, another pattern for the to do list. My youngest grand daughter would absolutely love this in that exact color. Thanks for sharing the pattern info.
  5. Oh , Me too, Me too! I especially love the first one, great color! I've bookmarked it to the ever growing "must do" list. The skinny scarves are really nice also. Thanks for sharing.
  6. What a sweetie, she certainly looks happy. Great halter, it's really cute.
  7. Oh that's really cute. Don't you just love Dot's patterns. Like your color choice too.
  8. Just adorable! Love the soft pink and the Teddy buttons are so cute.
  9. Candi, just letting you know that the books have arrived. Can't believe they got here in one day and delivered right to the front door. LOL! (She couldn't get the package in the box.) Thank you!
  10. Oh that is very pretty! You do beautiful work.
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