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  1. wow! You did an amazing job. amazing. Shaunna
  2. I love the look of this. You did a great job. Shaunna
  3. she's great! What attitude she has. Shaunna
  4. Annie's attic free pattern for today is an adorable baby harp seal. Oh man...now I gotta go yarn shopping. Wonder if he'll believe that I really need all ten skeins of yarn for that itty bitty seal. Shaunna
  5. I have a notebook. A lot of the time, if I see yarn on sale for a pattern in my notebook, I buy what I need for that pattern. There are so many, I may never make them all, but I still keep looking. Shaunna
  6. I have yarn stashed in so many places around the house I may never find it all. I have UFP's I don't remember starting, and FO's I don't remember who they were for. I do not hide my purchases, nor do I tolerate demands or ultimatums from my mate. If he wants me to do or not to do something he politely asks and I tell him if he is being reasonable or not. My books or my yarn, if he were to get rid of them without telling me, I would probably pack the kids and leave. I did suggest on day when we were hard up for money that I could possibly sell some of my books for extra cash. This being said with tears in my eyes, he told me that we would find another way. Same with the yarn. He may never understand my obsessions, but he is willing to overlook them.
  7. That is absolutly yummy. ohhhhhhhhhhh, and guess who has a darling little neice that would look adorable in it. Great job. Shaunna
  8. My mother's mother could embroider. My father's mother was a beautiful crochet artist. My mother sews, knits, crochets, and she also does cross-stitch once in a while. Her sister also crochets and sews. My cousin's wife and I used to sit in the yard and watch the kids play while we crocheted together. Shaunna
  9. I just went through this with my grammie afghan. Redheart definately had the best selection of "jewel" colors. Except for November. I used caron simply soft in melon. It's a bit smaller, so I had to use one size larger hook, but it was the prettiest topaz I could find. Shaunna
  10. I keep thinking that I'm at least going to take pictures of my finished projects, but that doesn't happen very often. I would like to keep a portfolio of sorts. Shaunna
  11. I get that a lot from my younger co-workers when I bring in things to show the craftier people that I work with. I just let it go. They are so busy shopping and partying that they barely have time left to sleep. Such a sad way to live. I am so much more fun to be around when I am creating something. Shaunna
  12. You should try to publish that one. I love it!!! I want to make one. My grandmother would adore it. Shaunna
  13. My MIL has 8 grandchildren, and we are finally finished expanding our family for this generation. So I made her this afghan. It has two blocks for each grandbaby. One with a doll, and one with their name and birthdate, done in their birthstone colors. There is a link to it if you want to see. Shaunna
  14. I have been crocheting since I was still young enough to play with barbie dolls. My dolls had the warmest beds on the block. Each one had a custom made little blanket for her bed and her couch. I quit for a few years but picked it up again after my youngest was born because I needed a way to fight the insanity. I currently live in Kentucky but plan on moving back home to Washington (the State) as soon as possible. I have 4 kids, 3 dogs, 2 cats, and 1 fish. Sounds like a nursery rhyme. My hubby drives a truck but is home weekends which give me lots of time to crochet without him feeling ignored. I recently finished my "grammie afghan" and am thrilled to be able to show it off. See you all around. Shaunna
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